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Remember Fouad Kaady

We need remember Fouad during this coming solstice. His contributions to this world are significant.
His spirit is alive and his amazing life and awful murder can't be forgotten. Please tell your children about Fouad and caution them to NEVER trust police.

fouad didn't trust the police 03.Dec.2008 23:51

not enough caution

It's true the police are not your friends, but Kaady never trusted them in the first place.

By the time the cops got to him he was too messed up to take care of himself, negotiate or flee effectively.

If there are key messages from Kaady's death, I think they would be

(a) never transport gasoline in the passenger compartment of a vehicle,
(b) never never never transport gasoline in a vehicle and smoke in there while you're at it, and
(c) never call 911 when somebody is hurt and needs help, because the dispatcher might send the cops.

This last item is a very hard lesson, because we are not taught any other options when emergency help is needed. One of my friends is in failing health and I'm not sure myself what I should do if she collapses in front of me. She's a white female in late middle age, so the pigs would be less likely to attack her, but I wouldn't put anything past them, especially in Oregon.