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Working Class Book Fair Dec 6th!!!!

The PDX IWW hosts the 3rd annual Working Class Book Fair-
Saturday December 6th - 12-4pm
Liberty Hall - 311 N Ivy, Portland OR, 97227

Local Book Vendors will dish out Books on Work Class: History, Fiction, Political Theory, and more. Vendors include: Laughing Horse Books, In Other Words, Tarantula Press, Eberhardt Press, Just Seeds, Malkriad@s, IWW Books, Olin, Red Letter Press, Great Northwest Books, Decentra Collective, Black Rose Collective, and many more. It's only once a year that you will see these 12 plus vendors shoved all under one roof. Find books, children's stories, zines, posters, stickers, buttons and friends

Come Early 11-12 to participate in a Workshop on Marx's Value Price and Profit This essay was never published till after Marx's death, but serves as a handy guide ("Addressed To Working people") to the main concepts he presented in Capital Volume Oneó "Production, Wages And Profit"; "Supply And Demand"; "Value And Labor"; "Laboring Power"; "Surplus Value"; "Struggle Between Capital And Labor"; and much more!

The Book Fair will also be the Grand Unveiling of the 2nd Edition of Think it Over...an introduction to the IWW. Handsomely printed by Portland's own Stumptown Printers, this pamphlet carries the heart and soul of the IWW, and explains solidarity, direct action, and class struggle in way that's easy to swallow and digest in one sitting.

Contact: IWW Hall 503-231-5488
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