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Pit Bull Attacked and Killed by Cowardly Police

On Thanksgiving day, a beautiful little blue nose pit bull was shot to death by a Cornelius police officer, claiming that the dog had "charged" him. This dog was a very predictable victim of the hysteria and ignorance being pumped out by the likes of KPTV and other corporate "news" in the past month. It was also a victim of the officer's own cowardice, and the thoughtlessness with which humans often approach the lives of non-humans. Please see the bottom of this article for contact information for Cornelius, and please call them to demand that the officer be punished.
The dog had gotten out on Thanksgiving night and followed her human over to a neighbor's house. Before the neighbors or her human realized she was there, police were called by some hysterical bystander who saw a pit bull and assumed it must be a monster, because hey, that's what they say on TV. Pit bulls are monsters, right? So the police, with nothing better to do, rushed over to the scene. They found the dog outside the home where the dog's human had gone. When the woman who lived in the house opened the front door, she saw the dog with the police behind it, demanding that she "secure" the dog. The neighbor turned to call the dog's human, who was inside the house, when an officer suddenly took it upon himself to shoot the dog. He said it was "charging" him. Witnesses disagree with him on that. Neighbors and family members of the dog are demanding that the officer who shot her be punished, while Cornelius police spokesmen are telling the public that the officer "had a right to use deadly force."

Oh yeh. Right. "I feared for my life." Lest we forget, cops have the "right" to kill as long as they remember to say that after.

I'm very sad for the dog, and for her humans. This was a devastating and unnecessary killing.

Shame on the cowardly Cornelius cop, and shame on the corporate media, as they are to blame for this as much as the officer who pulled the trigger. The corporate media has been creating an image of pit bulls as monsters, in spite of mounting evidence to the contrary. Over and over again, the corporate media has reported on pit bull "attacks," which have turned out to be false. They have ravenously drooled out stories of so-called "attacks" that later turned out to either not involve pit bulls, or to not involve "attacks." In one case, they reported a lurid story of a pit bull that allegedly chewed off a baby's toes. It later turned out that the baby's toes were chewed off by a ferret over several hours while the drugged out parents slept nearby, ignoring their baby's screams. Although the pit bull story had resulted in the predictable calls for a ban on pits, the revelation that it was actually an attack by a ferret did not result in any call for the banning of ferrets. (Possibly because the corporate media barely even noted the correction to the story, so many people still believe the attacker was a pit bull.)

In another case, a woman in Salem was allegedly "attacked" by a ravenous monster of a pit bull. She said it had attacked her little dog, and when she went out to rescue the dog, the pit attacked her, biting her face. This story was widely reported, and resulted in the pit bull being removed from its human and sentenced to death. The death sentence was commuted, but only on condition that the dog be incarcerated at a rescue facility and not returned to the human. It later turned out that the dog had not attacked either the woman or her dog. A subsequent investigation revealed that the two dogs were neighbors, separated by a back fence. There was a hole in the fence, and the dogs got together and were playing as dogs do. (This fact is born out by the fact that the other dog, considerably smaller than the pit, had no wounds on it whatsoever, despite being in the yard with the dog for more than 15 minutes.) The woman saw the dogs outside, did not recognize play behavior, and freaked out. She raced out into the yard, got between the dogs, bent down, and picked her dog up as they played. In her exuberance, she somehow mistook a single, small wound on her lip for a "bite" from the pit bull. It later turned out to be a toe nail that had caused the mark, probably from her own dog.

Again, the corporate media had widely reported the "attack," but failed to correct the story later when the true facts came out.

More recently, a pit bull was accused by the corporate media of being "aggressive" and "dangerous." Witnesses who had been feeding and caring for the stray dog for months begged to differ. Again, the corporate media failed to report the truth.

There have been many, many cases in which the media identified dogs that bit people as pit bulls, and later investigation revealed that the dogs were not pit bulls at all, but other breeds. Sometimes, those other breeds resembled pits (ie, shar pei dogs, chows, etc). Other times, they bore no resemblance at all, but were still, inexplicably, identified as pit bulls. (For example, german shepherds, poodles, rottweilers, and even a chihuahua have all been identified as pit bulls.) Those stories were reported in the media as "pit bull attacks."

Despite the fact that pit bulls are more likely to pass temperance tests and less likely to exhibit human aggression than many other breeds, they continue to be stereotyped and demonized in the media. This kind of ignorance breeds the kind of hair-triggered cowardice exhibited by the Cornelius officer who killed the dog on Thanksgiving night.

Please call the Cornelius police and demand that the officer who shot this dog be punished. Also, please ask that the officers take this opportunity to educate themselves and their community on the truth about pits. They can start by contacting Pawsitively Pit Bull, a rescue organization that I understand does outreach and education. (Though, if Pawsitively Pit Bull wants to help, their volunteers should probably clear out their voice mail.... It's full.)

You can contact the Cornelius police here:

Phone: 503-359-1881
Fax: 503-359-1999
email:  police@ci.cornelius.or.us

You can contact the City of Cornelius and speak to officials who might be able to hold the police officer accountable:

Main city office contacts:

Mail: 1355 N. Barlow St., Cornelius, OR 97113
Phone: 503-357-9112
FAX: 503-357-7775
Email:  info@ci.cornelius.or.us

If you would like to know more about pit bulls without the hype, hysteria, and error that pervade the corporate media, please see:





(HINT for anyone who wants to dis the dogs: Please take the time to actually click on and explore each of the sites linked above BEFORE blurting out a lot of the same, tired, old, hyperbolic stereotypes that you picked up from the corporate media.... EDUCATE yourself before you accidentally repeat stupid nonsense as if it were fact.)

For everyone else, PLEASE do contact the Cornelius police to demand accountability. This dog was a victim of ignorance, cowardice, and callous disregard for the lives of non-human animals. Speak out, and maybe you can prevent further killings.

KPTV SUCKS 02.Dec.2008 19:46

so do Cornelius cops

According to the flapping corporate media mouths that has been creating the hype that led to the killing of this dog,

""They have a right to use deadly force to protect themselves, and a large pit bull attacking is able to inflict serious injury," Jensen said."

(Jenson is the commander who is handling the spin on this. He's apparently going to be meeting with the people whose dog they killed tomorrow.)

Yes, this sounds reasonable enough... except that... THE DOG WAS NOT ATTACKING. Witnesses directly contradict the claim that this dog presented any danger. This cop was a coward, just as surely as the cops who shot unarmed accident victim Fouad Kaady were cowards. They did it for the same reason: Blind, ignorant, cowardice.

They need to hear from the public that this is unacceptable.

i fear for my life everytime a cop is around 02.Dec.2008 23:21

my justification


This is the dog that was shot. 03.Dec.2008 10:28

Shame on the cornelius cop

Here's a picture of Nina. She was murdered by the Cornelius cop.

Yes! 03.Dec.2008 10:56

Pit bulls

Please do take the time to learn about pit bulls before offering up an "opinion." Too many people keep spitting out statements that have been proved to be false over and over, and yet they keep repeating this stuff.

I understand the legitimate reasons why a person might be (and should be) scared of a large dog that they do not know. This is reasonable. It makes perfect sense. Dogs are large predators with teeth, and can be scary if you don't know them. (Although, statistically speaking, you are far more likely to be killed by a human than by a pit bull). So yes, it is reasonable for people to be angry or upset about the idea of a big dog running around the neighborhood loose. I don't like that either.

However, the unfounded stereotypes about pit bulls specifically, these are ridiculous and I'm really tired of the ignorance most people are willing to wallow around in.

Do yourselves a favor, and follow some of the links in the article above. Learn the truth about pits, and about how unfairly they have been stigmatized in the media. PLEASE do that before you repeat the same old ignorant stereotypes that have already been repeatedly dis-proven. Don't make me spell them all out again here. Just do the research.

You're right to ask that neighbors keep their dogs under control. But you are not right to harbor paranoid delusions about pit bulls specifically, and you are certainly wrong to demand a ban on the breed, as some repeatedly do every time another story like this one makes it to the media (while 100 others about non-pits who bit people don't make it to the media). Please be smarter than that.

Poor dog. 03.Dec.2008 14:31


If the dog was barking at the police, then it was right to. Just as Jim Chasse was right to run from the police, was right to be afraid of them, so this dog was right to be afraid of the threat they present on our streets.

It was wrong to kill this dog. Shame on them.

Animals are a privilege, not a right 04.Dec.2008 10:59


It is time to stop blaming animals for our shortcomings as individuals and a society. We bring these beautiful creatures into our lives with little regard for their needs and their behaviors, only seeing them as some "thing" to possess and flaunt. It is time to push for guardianship laws that protect companion animals from humans. We need to view sharing our lives with animals as a privilege. Require people to pass behavior tests before they are allowed access to animals.

Some information about pit bulls 04.Dec.2008 17:50

to blast through the hype

"It is estimated that there are 60,000 Pit Bulls in the City of Chicago alone. This number is so high because people are breeding them for the wrong reasons. Most of them are living in hostile surroundings. It is an amazing testimony to the breed that although 95% of these animals suffer abuse/neglect, we rarely hear of any problems. One analogy is, if there was a sudden increase of people being injured by red cars, would we ban red cars? No! common sense would dictate that red is more popular color choice."

According to the American Canine Temperament Testing Association, 82.5%of the American Pit Bull Terriers that took the temperament test passed, compared to a 77% passing rate for all breeds on average. In the test a dog is placed in a series of confrontational situations. The first sign of aggression or panic is a failure of the test. Pit Bulls have achieved the fourth highest passing rate of all 122 breeds tested. Click here to view an article on the new Alabama Supreme Court's ruling that there is no genetic evidence that one breed of dog is more dangerous than another.

Dogs are not a "privilege" OR a "right" 04.Dec.2008 19:13

Dogs are autonomous, living beings

Last year, a woman in France became the first person ever to receive a face transplant. Such a weird piece of news....

The reason this woman required a face transplant was that she was savagely mauled by a dog. If that dog had been a pit bull, trust me, you would have heard about it. But you probably didn't hear about it because the dog was, believe it or not, a lab. Look it up.

The media whips people into a froth over their monster-o-day, and people stupidly take the bait. One day it's immigrants, the next it's Arabs, today it's pit bulls. Get over it. They're just dogs, and you're more likely to be killed by a bath tub (151 times more likely!) than by a pit bull. Find something real to worry about.

Appearances.... 04.Dec.2008 19:32


Aww. Isn't it cute?

This dog was bred over many generations for attacking and fighting. It's actually a highly aggressive dog, according to statistics. It's skin is loose specifically so that it can turn and bite in a fight, even while being bitten. And... this dog is not a pit bull. It is a Shar Pei.

Americans love Shar Peis. No one has ever suggested a ban on Shar Peis. We put them on postcards and calendars. And yet, they are far less likely than a pit bull to pass a temperance test, far more likely than a pit bull to bite, and by looking at the photo, can you guess that they are also very often mistaken for pit bulls when people are bitten by them? It's true. Another breed that bites more often than pits and is very often mistaken for a pit? The chow.

Shar Pei 07.Dec.2008 13:08


One of the only studies ever to look closely at such things found that, out of 117 attacks attributed in the media to pit bulls, more than 60 percent were actually other breeds of dog, often Shar Peis. This is not to say that Shar Peis require some kind of breed specific ban, either. Dogs are dogs. Humans are actually more aggressive, and much more dangerous to you than any breed of dog. It's just to point out that peoples' ideas about pit bulls are stupidly skewed.

(Other dogs that were mistaken for pit bulls: Chows, Akitas, Bulldogs, mastiffs, rotweillers, boxers, and lots of others.)

native wildlife need help 08.Dec.2008 15:10


I appreciate the in depth conversation about domestic dogs. It doesn't seem to me that the domestic dog is doing all that bad. In fact there are even high end dog boutiques and dog wash services, dog walk services, dog parks, corporate dog facilities (on 82nd Ave, what is that place), add nauseum. I know people that give there dogs fish oil and glucosamine, and more expensive supplements than I care to know every night. I wonder if these oils come from our declining native salmon being fished from oceans for domestic dogs. Anyway, I know there is little point in trying to reach dog owners on these issues, but remember the wolf has just returned to Oregon. There is one breeding pair in the State. 1 pair!! The government again proposes delisting of ESA protections for wolves in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Talk about problems. If everyone on this list would give 1/3 of the effort (time, money, letter writing) to native wildlife that you give to domestic animals we could make a big change in the future of Oregon. And of course wolves are the top native predator, so there presence results in a remarkable trophic cascade that benefits biodiversity all the way down the line, including you.

True or false. All domestic dogs come from wolves.

SHAME on the corporate media 08.Dec.2008 18:26


The corporate media is capitalizing on the pain and suffering of other people and animals to boost their ratings and get people to log onto their websites for ratings. It's disgusting. They are promoting ignorance. Tonight, KGW just reported that the police have killed another pit because, among other things, "He just didn't look right."

I do not know enough about this situation to defend the human guardian in this case. However, I do know enough to say that I am about tired of the corporate media reporting every time a pit bull looks cross eyed, and I'm sick of them ignoring the violence AGAINST the pit bulls in favor of a story about a pit bull "charging." The dogs did not hurt anyone. So why were they shot? Just not looking right? Oh? Then how come neither the cops or the person who called them had any injuries? If two dogs were "charging," how come one did not make contact after the other one was shot? Sounds like shit to me, and I'm SICK of it.

Here is KGW's newsroom phone number. Please call them and tell them that they are ignorant fucks who should stop stigmatizing pit bulls to death. 503-226-5111.