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California Declares Fiscal Emergency; Philadelphia Plans Massive Cuts

Is this not reason why, We, of the Cascadian states of Oregon, Washington and (northern) California should be pushing for economic independence from the Federal Empire? Imagine if we in Cascadia had not sent all that federal taxes to DC only to support third world states like Alabama other "red states." Imagine if the Cascadian states had not sent all that federal taxes to mass murder Iraqis, Afghanis and covert wars else where. Imagine our sisters, brothers, parents and children in the Oregon, Washington and California Guards who would be home now and who would have been here for the fires in California or floods in western Washington.

Yet even in state bankruptcies we hold on to this seeking ship called the USS America. As the social contract continues to go ignored banks and corporations recieve over 800 billion dollars. Yet we sit on this ship deck watching as water floods our haul.

Cascadians WAKE UP!
California Declares Fiscal Emergency; Philadelphia Plans Massive Cuts

In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a fiscal emergency on Monday and warned that California could run out of cash within two months. Schwarzenegger said the state"s growing deficit could reach $28 billion by 2010. This comes as cities and states across the country are proposing sweeping cuts in services as they face record deficits. In Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter has proposed closing 11 of the city"s libraries, disbanding seven fire companies, shutting down 68 city pools and eliminating 800 government positions. In San Diego the school department has slashed funding for teacher supplies. One high school teacher has begun selling ads on test papers to raise money to pay for the photocopying costs. Barack Obama is meeting with Democratic governors in Philadelphia today.


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