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Iron Bartender ... It's like Iron Chef, but with booze!

This is NOT your usual hors d'ouvres and champagne benefit, so come ready to party! See local bartenders throw down against each other using a secret ingredient, watch as local celebs judge the cocktails, and get in on the action and have one of the winning concoctions for yourself. Proceeds benefit The Giving Tree, so your drinking this evening is actually helping people!
It all happens on Saturday, December 13 at the Crown Room, 205 NW 4th Ave. Doors open at 7pm, and the Iron Bartender competition will be from 9 to 9:30. The diverse selection of competitors hail from Olive or Twist, the Bye and Bye, and the Matador, and judges include Portland's mayor-elect Sam Adams and renowned mixologist Lucy Brennan. A mere $10 gets you in the door, but give more and you get more, with $50 getting you in on the round of the winning drink from the freshly crowned Iron Bartender. DJ's Nathan Detroit, Hanukkah Miracle, and Freaky Outy will be on hand all night long to keep the party going strong. All proceeds benefit The Giving Tree - building communities using art, education, and recreation as our tools.

Jack Dahl, Olive or Twist
Jake Carey, the Bye and Bye
Rob Davis, the Matador

Sam Adams, Portland's mayor-elect
Lucy Brennan, renowned mixologist
London, photographer, bartender, and former Suicide Girl
Rev. Phil, bicycle pornographer
Miss Ginger Lee, CC Slaughters performer

Nathan Detroit
Hanukkah Miracle
Freaky Outy

Prizes from
Personal Touch Cleaning
AG Massage
The Gypsy Rose Salon

$10 gets you in the door
$25 gets you prizes from Willamette Week
$50 gets you in on the round of the winning drink
$100 lands you even more goods from Willamette Week!

Sponsored by the awesome folks at New Deal Vodka

homepage: homepage: http://www.thegivingtreenw.org

thank you for boozing it up 01.Dec.2008 19:58

your liver and nervous system

I'm currently recovering (I hope) from a scary affliction that produced symptoms similar to those of alcoholic nerve damage, so my attention has been drawn to the fact that alcohol is actually really bad for you. The way our culture deals with alcohol is a lot like the way it dealt with nicotine in the '50s -- educated people were vaguely aware that it was dangerous, but everybody acted like it was normal anyway and there was something weird about you if you didn't do it.