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Speak out against Foie Gras

Now is the time to call OPB to speak out against the abuse of geese and promotion of Foie Gras.1-800-245-2346
OPB is currently running a money raising campaign and requesting a donation. If you are a OPB watcher no doubt you have encountered the Rick Steves' Europe series that seems to run a lot during most of OPB's fund raisers. In his travels Rick Steves regularly shows arrogance and disregard to the cultures and countries he visits and gives the term ugly American credence. In one episode he devotes an entire segment to the production of Foie Gras that shows what a clueless ass he truly is. Since OPB relies in a large part on public support now is the time to call and remind OPB that such bone-heads as Rick Steves are promoting the cruelty of animals. I don't believe that OPB's intent is to promote cruelty of any kind but unfortunately certain types of animal cruelty, such as the production of Foie Gras, are generally overlooked. Please call OPB at 1-800-245-2346 and speak out for the animals. Be kind, but let them know that any kind of cruelty is cruelty.

will do 30.Nov.2008 21:04


thanks for the 800 no. that "food" is disgusting. I'd like to know any restaurants in Vancouver, WA serving it and I will "command" a demonstration.