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new tech activism show on KBOO

The Digital Divide is a new public affairs show airing once a month on KBOO. This show includes an interview about the communications during the RNC.
How do the latest technologies affect our communities? How can we use science to benefit society and how do we keep it from harming us? KBOO's The Digital Divide attempts to answer these questions and ask a few of our own through interviews, recordings, and commentary. The show touches upon such issues as open source, privacy, transparency, intellectual property, free speech, accessibility, hacking, net neutrality, file sharing, piracy, social networking, pollution, bioethics and more.

The program begins with a roundup of technology news from around the world and then provides in-depth feature stories from a variety of reporters. In our pilot show we cover the recent elections - how technology was used to get out the vote and also prevent it. We feature an interview with one of the communications collective members for those who protested the Republican National Convention. We'll also hear from Tim Jones of the Electronic Frontier Foundation on what to expect from an Obama administration and what changes they are proposing be made to improve our digital civil liberties.

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