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Fur Free Friday Report Back

There was a special, celebratory mood as the crowd paused at the corner where Schumacher Furs once stood. While Matt Roselle reflected on the history of the Schumacher campaign, including the attempt by the Schumacher family to sue activists for exercising their right of free speech... Shoe sellers came out of a shoe store while I stood on the sidewalk nearby. I heard one of the men saying to the other, "Uh oh, what do you think they think about all this leather leather?" (Since the shoe store was filled with leather.) The other man replied, "They probably don't like it, but this is really cool." Both stood outside and cheered the crowd.

For the most part, everyone I saw on the streets was in support of the demonstration. That was certainly good to see. The sad truth is, the fur trade is more entrenched than most of us realize, right here in Cascadia. Although fewer people are willing to risk their souls and social standing to wear fur these days, the number of trappers in Oregon has more than doubled in the past few years. Please keep educating people on all the reasons why fur is wrong, fur is unacceptable, and fur is dead.