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Sea Lions on the Columbia: Decision FINALLY In... Mosman says to kill them.

We've all been waiting with baited breath for Mosman to make his decision public. It's been months since the oral arguments were heard in this case, and months since he said he would rule in about a week. Today, the day before Thanksgiving, when he figures the media will be away for a long holiday weekend, he finally issued his opinion: Kill the sea lions. I am expecting that this will be appealed.
I do not have all the details at this time, but here is a brief summary of the case: State wildlife managers went to the federal government, through NOAA, seeking permission to kill sea lions on the Columbia because they said that the sea lions were eating salmon. Rather than address the real issues behind the salmon crash all down the coast, they are trying to buy a little time for the fishing and power industries by scapegoating sea lions. NOAA granted that permission. The Humane Society of the United States, the Wild Fish Conservancy, and two individuals sued the government to stop the killing. Mosman originally ruled that sea lions could be killed while the case was going through the courts, since it would not cause irreparable harm to kill them. The 9th circuit court of appeals rejected Mosman's bizarre reasoning, stating that by definition, killing another living being is, in fact, "irreparable harm."

Oral arguments were heard during the late summer. At that time, Mosman said that he was leaning toward allowing the sea lions to be killed, but that he would think about it and issue his formal ruling in a week or so. Today, at a time when he likely feels that he can escape scrutiny over this decision due to the holiday weekend, he has just ruled that the killing can commence when the sea lions return to the river in the spring. It's a appalling blow to those of us who can't understand how so many people can be blind to the sentience of other living beings on this planet. But it's not irrevocable. The plaintiffs in this case have vowed to appeal such a decision, and I am confident that they will.

I will share more details as they are made available.

Hmm. 26.Nov.2008 12:59

google alert

He may want to hear what you think about killing the sea lions who are native to the Columbia river, rather than curbing over-fishing, which does NOT belong on the Columbia.

Here are the phone numbers for his offices at the courthouse:
Hon. Michael W. Mosman

Judicial Assistant: Mary Jo Peters
Courtroom Deputy: Dawn Stephens

(503) 326-8330
(503) 326-8024

And you could probably write to him by addressing a letter to him here:

Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse
1000 S.W. Third Avenue
Portland, OR 97204-2902

More Details (Legalbabble) 26.Nov.2008 14:39


If it comes through, this is a copy of the judge's order.
Judge's Order
Judge's Order

VIDEO: The Sea Lions Live Another Day 4.19.08 30.Nov.2008 11:14

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

21 minutes Google Video:

Filmed on the Columbia River (Oregon) on April 19 2008 I spent the afternoon looking up and down the river for any signs that a shooting might be staging or in place.

I was looking to document any "Killing of Sea Lions" that was rumored to be happening. At the time of this video there was a legal ruling that sea lions were going to be shot on the Columbia River (possible lottery type shooting)(unknown how or exactly where)

That day in April I was glad I seen no Sea Lions being shot while I filmed this. I have heard recently (11/08) that the rule is back in force and Sea Lions will be killed soon.

Once again not sure exactly where or how they plan on doing it.