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Meanwhile in Iceland...

The crowds are restless.
Nearly 10 000 people manifested Saturday in Reykjavik due to the collapse of three Iceland banks, then storm police station because (this is not said in the video) police holds an activist arrested who had hung a flag of supermarketchain Bonus on the parliament building (the Bonus logo is a piggy bank). The activist is then let free, according to police because 'an unknown person paid his bail' The released arrestee was enthousiastically welcomed by the crowd and spoke the famous words that "what comes next is revolution".  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkHOM96wiA4

Here a story about the flag:  http://newsfrettir.com/?p=583
Reporting of the release:  http://newsfrettir.com/?p=597
At another time and place pirate flags appeared in front of Landsbankinn
in Akureyri  http://newsfrettir.com/?p=299