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We still have 15-20 baskets unspoken for!

Please call or email Monica Cuneo at People's Food Coop by 5pm today!
503-ORGANIC or  monica@peoples.coop
People's Food Coop still has some free vegan thanksgiving baskets for those experiencing financial difficulty. It's enough for a family dinner, items have been generously donated by Turtle Island (the tofurky company), Equal Exchange, Organically Grown Company (that's a local produce distributor), and Dave's Killer Bread. Here's what's in 'em: A stuffed Tofurky, pie crust, pumpkin pie mix, a chocolate bar, yams, delicata squash, potatoes, apples, pears, onions, orange. Some may also have a (non-vegan, non-organic) container of cookies that someone gave us!

So if you would like to get one free, call or email as soon as possible, as we hope to get these picked up by the end of the day. We close at 10pm. Call Monica Cuneo at 503-ORGANIC or email her at  monica@peoples.coop

People's is located at 3029 SE 21st Ave., north of Powell Blvd., six blocks south of Division.


Tuesday morning - still some baskets left!!!! 25.Nov.2008 07:12

Sarah Barnard

If you're reading this on Tuesday morning, we still have some baskets left. Please call the store if need some. It's a full bag o' food!