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Vegan Thanksgiving at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary

At this very moment, unspeakable things are happening in slaughter houses across the country: Turkeys and pigs are dying unnecessary deaths, so that Americans may give thanks for the grace of God next Thursday. They are dying because tradition can be heartless. And they are dying because humans are apparently often born incapable of empathizing with other living beings. So, far too many of us think nothing of the conversion of another's life into a frozen wad of flesh encased in plastic and put on display on freezer shelves. Lots of people buy these frozen wads of flesh, robbed of the context of their lives and deaths, and then they feed them to their families on Thanksgiving. Wouldn't it be great if we could all give thanks in a manner that doesn't require the suffering of sacrificial animals?
Hey, guess what: We can.
A Turkey for Thanksgiving
A Turkey for Thanksgiving
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