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The latest from Tre

Hello to you all!

Greetings from Herlong, CA. This place is positioned in a valley with mountains surrounding in all directions. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets have blessed me while sitting barefoot in the grass they only recently planted. Up until about a month and half ago it was all dirt and rocks.

I've been playin' music every day since my arrival on Oct. 8th. I'm writing songs with a bro named Ryon and practicin' with a few guys who are very talented musicians. Anyone can check out a guitar and go outside and play for hours (which is exactly what I do)! The air is fresh and clean (we're high in the Sierras away from any city pollution). I'm able to be outside most of the day (at least for now; once I'm assigned a job that'll change). This is the most sun and outside exposure I've had in almost 5 years. It feels fantastic!! My skin is turnin' a deep golden brown. A yoga class is offered 5 days a week as well as Pilates and other fitness/wellness modalities. There is even a wellness library.

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