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Portland Scientology Customer Murdered by Scientology

In a phenomena human rights and civil activists have been calling, "Another satisfied customer" for the past 30 years, another insane Scientology gunman shoots and kills another fellow Scientology customer.
The notoriously criminal Scientology Corporation has just killed another one of their customers just 8 hours ago. A Scientology customer whose name has not yet been divulged to the public drove from Oregon back to the Los Angeles Scientology business offices where he had been defruaded and swindled out of an as-yet undisclosed amount of money, waving two fake sauri swords, and was then murdered by Scientology under the usual glib pretxt of, "I feared for my life."



Los Angeles Times:




This phenomena (known among human rights advocates who have monitored Scientology for 40 years) is called "Another satisfied customer" and is the latest in a long and deadly history of Scientology, a criminal enterprise which kills off its own customers in ones and twos, often in extremly gruesom ways.

The best known historic incident of the phenomena was Scientology customer Jairus Chegero Godeka who in September 26, 1996 got fed up with being rooked, swindled, and defrauded by Scientology to the point where he shot a great many of his fellow Scientology customers:


Scientology's ringleaders attempted to deny that Godeka was a customer and to this day "forget" to mention that Godeka was one of their own customers, mentioning the shooting when they are dragged up in front of Judges to try to depict themselves as victims of religious persecution, always "forgetting" to mention to Judges that every act of violence against SCientology, including the Godeka shooting they tout loudly in court, is always their own customer.

Always, without exception.

Details about the identity of this latest Scientology killing are pending the notification of the next of kin however once the name of this latest dead Scientology customer is known, web searches for the name on Scientology web sites will almost certainly divulge some idea of just how much money the murdered man was swindled out of before he was driven to act-out in Los Angeles by waving fake swords.

The Scientology Corporation usually attempts to scrub their web sites of any mention of customer's names when such incidents occur, sending threatening demands to Internet archiving companies (such as the Wayback Machine and Google) to remove all archived copies of the evidence in an effort to try to deny that their customers who are involved in such acts were actually Scientology customers.

For this reason human rights and civil rights advocates retain their own archives of Scientology web sites and they routinely re-release original versions of later Scientology-doctored versions of web pages to continue the effort to show what Scientology is and what Scientology does -- and show what Scientology drives its customers to do, some times.

This is one of the reasons why the ARSCC and Anonymous have been working to dismantle the criminal enterprise. This is one of the reasons why law enforcement and health officials need to appeal for Congressional funding to finally dismantle the Scientology crime syndicate once and for all.

Sadly there will be more Scientology killers knocking off their own customers one by one, two by two, an accumulating body count that continues to rise every year. More will die because politicians and law enforcement do not have the funding needed to stop Scientology.

Lt. Ray Emmons was tasked with developing the Federal law enforcement effort required to dismantle Scientology and put an end to these killings. That was back in 1983:


That was 25 years ago. The body count since then has included numerous additional Scientology customers, including Lisa McPherson who was murdered by Scientology in 1995 at the appropriately named "Fort Homicide Hotel" in Clearwater, Florida. The insane Scientology crime bosses ordered Lisa to be tied down to her bed and Scientology starved her to death over 17 days solely because Lisa had been talking about fleeing the destructive Scientology crime syndicate.

This latest Scientology customer shot dead by Scientology needs to be the last Scientology victim to die at the hands of a criminal enterprise that human rights advocates continue count as the single worst violator of human rights in the United States.

My opinions only and only my opinions, as always.


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