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Vitiligo a Pigmentation Disorder

A brief introduction of the skin condition vitiligo. Vitiligo causes, symptoms ans some other factors about this skin condition.

Vitiligo Skin Disorder

A common skin condition causing white patch on skin by which 2% of total population is suffering. The human skin contains special skin cells melanocytes that produce the pigment melanin which colors the skin.

In Vitiligo, the special skin cells "melanocytes" as well as the tissues (mucous membranes) that line the inside of the mouth, nose, genital and rectal areas, and the retina of the eyes are destroyed. As a result, white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body.

The number of people affected by vitiligo disorder ranges from 40-50 million. It forms about 1 to 2% of people in the world. 2 to 5 million people have the disorder in the United States alone.

Vitiligo affects all races and both sexes equally and ninety-five percent of its victims are below the age of 40.

Causes of Vitiligo

Auto-immunity and after the inheritance are the most common causes of skin condition vitiligo. Although there are several theories regarding the cause of vitiligo but the actual cause is not fully known. According to one theory, people with vitiligo develop antibodies that, turn upon them and destroy their own melanocytes instead of protecting them. There is another theory according to which the melanocytes somehow attack and destroy themselves. Finally, some people with vitligo have reported that a single event such as severe sunburn or an episode of emotional distress is the main cause of this order. Scientifically, events of this nature have not been accepted as the main cause of vitiligo. These are merely coincidences.

Inheritance and skin condition vitiligo

Vitiligo may be hereditary in some cases. Children of vitiligo affected parents are more likely to develop vitiligo disorder. However, most children will not get vitiligo even if a parent has it. Also most people with vitiligo do not have a family history of the disorder.

What are the symptoms of vitiligo

White patches (depigmentation) on the skin are the foremost symbol of vitiligo. These patches are more common in sun-exposed areas, including the hands, feet, arms, face, and lips. Other common areas are the armpits and groin, and around the mouth, eyes, nostrils, navel, and genitals. Special Thanks for this post to http://www.antivitiligo.com/ that give my permission to use their site content to