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Police Brutalize Student Cooperative

EPD raids Campbell Club
Police Brutalize Student Cooperative

In the early morning hours of Sunday November 23rd the Eugene Police Department (EPD) raided the Campbell Club Student Cooperative. The pretense given for the raid was the party being held that night, though many local activists suspect the raid was part of an ongoing pattern of harassment perpetrated by the EPD and the federal government against Eugene's activist community. The fines levied against the Co-op are estimated around $10,000. The fines mainly consist of MIPs (minor in possession), a sad testament to the continued ability of the state to impose arbitrary, oppressive laws (based in fundamentalist Christian conceptions of morality) upon their citizens. Of the four people arrested two were bailed out though the other's names and locations remain unknown.
It is vital that we prevent the authorities from closing those activist spaces that remain to us.

Displeasure may be expressed at the following phone numbers:

Mayor- (541) 682-5010
EPD- (541)682-5111
Ward 3, City Councilor- (541)-344-5721