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Requesting Submissions To a New Radical Paper

A new radical paper is in the mix, Revolutionary Catechism, and we would love to have submissions from revolutionaries in Portland.
A new radical paper is throwing its lot in the mix, and we are looking for submissions to the paper. Revolutionary Catechism is a paper with the intention of creating theoretical and tactical unity within the revolutionary movement in the northwest and specifically Portland. We would love submissions of poems, articles, images, rants, etc. We are looking specifically for articles on:

*The financial situation
*Patriarchy in the movement
*Momentum Building
*Tactical unity
*Environmental Racism
*Class politics

We will be taking submissions until mid-December, and you don't need to send your name. Please practice good security culture, as to not get yourself in trouble. Any articles not practicing security culture will be thrown out.

Please send submissions to-  Sunriseanarchist@gmail.com

Much love!