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To assist reporters and editors

Media reporters and editors now have an on-line aid to evaluate information about the crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment
There have been many attempts over the past decade to persuade media reporters and their editors to take a serious look at the crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment (OS/EH). Mention this crime to the average journalist, and if you're lucky, they will take just enough of their time to tell you they don't print "tin foil hat stuff."

Some of the material posted on the Internet has not helped this situation. Some of the material is outright fantasy, without a shred of fact-based reliable documentation. Some of the posted material are the rantings of targets who don't understand that Rome wasn't built in a day, and they can't expect the non-targeted world to respond positively to stories of their personal Hell, without first being educated in the basic information available about this crime.

Believing that most reporters and editors are well-intentioned people, this poster has set up a pilot project to assist journalists who may be curious about this crime, but shy away from learning about it because of the negative publicity, and lack of a way to distinguish good quality material from unfounded material. This is the organized stalking and electronic harassment credibility review system. This system at the moment occupies this link:


I will be adding materials as I can review them and if this small pilot project shows promise, I may expand it to its own domain name.

I don't have the time and strength to review every item posted about the OS/EH crimes. However, there are items that show up consistently in web posts and the few mainstream media articles which have been written to date, which either support our cause or, by reason of serious flaws, work against our cause.

To any reporters or editors who read this posting, I do hope that even if you don't feel a piece on the OS/EH crime can be used in your publication at the moment, that as a matter of personal curiosity, you will do just a little reading of the items reviewed as "OK," to prepare for a day when this issue is considered newsworthy.

Eleanor White
Ontario, Canada