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Economic Armageddon

more than a depression
The other day I read that some politician from Brazil had analyzed the current crisis roiling the capitalist economic system and came to the conclusion that the true meaning of this crisis was that it marked the end of neo-liberalism. Therefore it was ushering in a new era of reform capitalism and so it was now required that politicians gather in meetings to hammer out new regulations and new rules.

I was horrified when I read this, and other things I have been hearing around this place leave me equally dumb founded.

Let us consider today's capitalist. The capitalist is a citizen of the globe. Nation states no longer exist for the capitalist. We can see this in the way that the capitalist batters down all borders and creates the same environment in every country in the world. The capitalist creates homogeneity, for such trivialities as 'nation states' are intolerable to a capitalist and are regarded as the decaying relics of some archaic past.

Now some capitalists might be called 'American capitalists' although when applied to a capitalist the term 'American' or 'European' is meaningless, and the first decade of the 21st century to speak of capitalists as being 'rivals' because they were born in America or Europe is also meaningless. This type of language belongs to the early twentieth century when capitalists were more provincial. Capitalists may be rivals because they are capitalists, but they are certainly not rivals because one capitalist happened to be born in Paris and another capitalist, by accident of birth, just happened to be born in Manhattan.

The strategic dilemma of some capitalist who happened to be born in Manhattan is not to find some way to 'protect the interests of American capitalism against a European rival', because some capitalist who happened to be born in Manhattan has no particular 'American interest' to protect. The interests of an American born capitalist, much like the interests of some capitalist who happened to be born in London, are spread all over the globe, and so an American capitalist has no particular 'American interest' but rather has only the usual interests to protect which are the typical interests of any competitive capitalist.

An American born capitalist has no particular 'American interest' to protect, and this becomes more true with each passing year as capitalists, no matter where they were born, dump their American interests and wander the globe in pursuit of other interests. An American capitalist has no more interest in a plot of soil that happens to be located in the United States than any other plot of dirt on the planet, and thus has no particular interest in protecting the interests of American dirt nor would an American born capitalist have interest in becoming a rival of a capitalist born in London because of some alleged interest in American dirt, for an American born capitalist would only be a rival of a London born capitalist because they are both capitalists, and neither one is the least concerned about protecting the interests of some plot of dirt.

Therefore both the American born capitalist and any other capitalist born on any other plot of dirt anywhere on this planet share the same interests when considering the nation of America. The strategic dilemma facing an American capitalist, or any capitalist, is how to go about flushing such an enormous turd like America down the shitter while at the same time managing the enormous global convulsions such a large turd flush would send roiling throughout the global capitalist economic system. Both the American born capitalist and the European born capitalist know and understand very well that the turd known as the nation of America must be flushed down the shitter, and so they both share a common interest in seeing to it that the turd flushing operation concludes successfully with the global capitalist economic system still intact when the global convulsions and violent epileptic fits have finally subsided after the capitalist economic system has absorbed the violent shock of having such a large turd like America flushed down the economic shit hole.

Now capitalists have weathered great depressions in the past, many times, but now the challenge facing global capitalists, and which must unite them all in one great struggle, will be weather both a great depression and the economic Armageddon which must accompany the flushing of such a large turd like America, riding out an exceptionally violent storm of global upheavel and violent storms and tempest and plague and whirlwind and hail stone and fire as that big turd swirls down the turd hole until finally some stability returns to the planet after about twenty or thirty years when finally, at long last, the last trace of that once mighty turd known as America disappears down the shit hole, thus bringing that period of violent convulsions to a successful conclusion.

The other day some intelligence outfit released a report describing the world in the year 2025, which was a world full of ruinous turmoil, as economically ruined starved nations slaughtered each other over the right to lick the spoon, while wild terrorists ran amok getting their hands on nukes and nuking large modern cities, as war, starvation, madness and mass death roiled and boiled the planet in a ruinous apocalyptic armageddon.

This recently released intelligence assessment agrees pretty much with what I have been thinking, because it would take at least twenty or thirty years for the upcoming great depression to end and the to finally finish the tumultuous global roiling and boiling and screaming and crying and dying and planet wide ruinous destruction that will accompany the flushing of such a large turd like America down the economic shitter of capitalism, before finally the storm blows over and the next boom cycle of capitalism begins.

There are those people who think that now that George Bush is gone the worst is over, and that all these strange and disturbing developments are behind us, but actually, they have only just begun, because none of this ever had anything to do with George.

You may have heard of some outfit called 'the Bilderberg group'. According to the conspiracy theorists what we have here is a group of high powered capitalists who are plotting 'the new world order' and their own monopolistic world domination. You may also have heard the one about 'the secret government within the government' who apparently also somehow in on that plot. Apparently we are supposed to be real worried about all this. Certainly the conspiracy theorists are all tied up knots about it all.

Now when you consider the decades of horror that lie ahead of the human race as global 'free market' capitalists prepare to endure and survive the giant turd flushing of America, then you should be able to understand that any capitalist who joined some outfit like the Bilderburg group and was then found plotting world domination and the destruction of the 'free market' is actually what you might call a 'progressive' as far capitalists go. If you saw the Bilderburg group actually pull off such an ambitious plot and you screamed bloody murder that would prove that you were some kind of moron. The government within the government is also quite a progressive element as well, as you can tell by all those embarrassing leaks with which they have tormented and torpedoed the Bush administration over the years.

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