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Mobile surveillance primer

This primer is only a couple of day's old, and seems to give a little more technical detail than other discussions on cell phone security I've seen.
Some counter-counter measures to consider . . .

[The primer mentions employment of a "signal blocking bag" and offers to say "more on this later", but it doesn't. Putting that subject in a search engine will bring a list of Internet sources and articles for such a product, however.]

homepage: homepage: http://mobileactive.org/wiki/Mobile_Surveillance-A_Primer
phone: phone: unpublished

Link inside the article 23.Nov.2008 14:14


.... Silently tapping into a private cellphone conversation is no longer a high-tech trick reserved for spies and the FBI. Thanks to the work of two young cyber-security researchers, cellular snooping may soon be affordable enough for your next-door neighbor.

 link to www.forbes.com