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Video of Bark Hike to Highland Fling Timber Sale

Video of recent Bark field trip to the Highland Fling Timber Sale, yet another Bureau of Land Management logging project proposed along a popular hiking trail destination.

" Video of Bark Hike
Shellrock Hidaway Lake Area
Shellrock Hidaway Lake Area
Ollalie Lake Scenic Area
Ollalie Lake Scenic Area
Tollgate Campground Along Highway 26, Near Rhododendren
Tollgate Campground Along Highway 26, Near Rhododendren
Local landowners adjacent to the proposed timber sale requested that Bark become involved with this particular sale.

For information about this sale, including photographs of the area

This is a beautiful area, recovering well from recent thinning and well on its way to becoming an old growth forest. As Charlie Ferranti, a volunteer with Bark says, "we have a diversity of species, we have hardwood, we have a multi storied canopy, we have down woody debris, we have large snags.....this is a very diverse forest, and it is a very, very, very healthy forest.....right on the edge of becoming a fully functioning late successional forest."

"To come in here and take out half the trees is ridiculous."

Local residents have spend many hours making and maintaining forest trails, and they use the area for hiking, horse back riding, instructing their youngsters in the ways of Nature, and spiritual renewal.

Having personally visited this area and talked with some of the local residents, it is my opinion that any further logging activity in this forest would not just be ridiculous, it would be criminal, a criminal act against OUR PUBLIC LANDS!!!

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