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Jarawa Tribe In India Kill Poacher

Tribal peoples must defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.
Jarawa Tribe In India Kill Poacher

Members of the remote Jarawa tribe attacked a group of poachers on their reserve, killing one and wounding three others.
During an investigation by independent observer Sophie Grig concerning the effects of poaching on Jarawa lands, Grig met with the Jarawa
People to hear their complaints as they came out of their forest to talk with local government officials about the problems of poaching on their

The 320 people of the Jarawa tribe granted an interview to Sophie Grig, to tell her of the problems with poachers, stealing their turtles, wild
boar and other essential food. The poaching is widespread and done with impunity. The Jarawa People, living in India's Andaman Islands,
have no immunity to any diseases the poachers may bring in. The poachers have raped Jarawa women, and have introduced tobacco and
alcohol to the reserve. The Jarawa are resisting becoming dependent on the two substances, who wish to remain completely independent
and self-sufficient. The Jarawa People have only had contact with the outside world since 1998.

The poachers, Burmese and Indians, are rapidly destroying the animals and plants the Jarawa People are totally dependent on.
The Jarawa People have complained to the local government authorities about the poaching problem, but apparently their pleas fell on deaf ears.
Frustrated with the increasing number of poachers on their reserve, a Jarawa hunting party captured two groups of poachers in September,
tying them to trees, and then informed the authorities.

The Jarawa People have lived on their lands for over 60,000 years as hunters and gatherers, and now face starvation and possible

Jarawa Interview - Video

Same with Somali Pirates 21.Nov.2008 17:26

Robin Hood

The Somali pirates are also defending their native territories from the machine. They started out struggling against illegal fishing in their waters that was destroying their native fisheries. They have also been defending against other nations using their waters as a toilet, and transporting weapons through there. Now, they're appropriating some of the largesse that has been mostly stolen from the third world, and redistributing some resources. I say, Yo Ho!