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Calls Needed to Governor on BLM's Whopper

As the final days of this most destructive presidency wane, Bush administration officials are scrambling to change numerous rules before leaving office that threaten the environment and benefit industry friends. A rush to finish the BLM's WOPR is no exception.
In October, the BLM released its Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR). Since the Bush administration first announced it would revise the plans for 2.6 million acres of Bureau of Land Management forests in western Oregon, reactions have been fairly constant: the timber industry loves it, and everyone else hates it.

The final plan will mirror the draft in most regards. It will: 1) remove BLM forests from the scientific framework of the Northwest Forest Plan; 2) ramp up clearcut logging across hundreds of thousands of acres; 3) remove streamside buffers that protect clean water and fish; and 4) log some of the last remaining older forests in western Oregon. The WOPR will increase logging by nearly 400% compared to current logging levels; get over 70% of the timber volume from clearcutting; shrink streamside reserves by 50%; and result in 1,300 miles of new roads.

Take Action: The BLM's "whopper" outlines a destructive management strategy that KS Wild and our allies are continuing to challenge, and we need your help. If you have not already, please send an email or make a phone call today. Under law, Governor Kulongoski is allowed a 60-day "consistency review" period that ends in early December. Governor Kulongoski is the only elected official standing between the Bush Administration and western Oregon's forests and salmon. It is imperative that the governor hears from you today! Let him know you appreciate these public lands - that you visit them, recreate in them and value them for the wildlife habitat, water and climate services they provide. If you live outside of the state, please join Oregonians in contacting Oregon's Governor and remind him that these are public forests - entrusted to the government to manage on behalf of all!

Please contact Governor Kulongoski and ask that he help protect all of Oregon's remaining public old-growth and not promote clearcutting on our public lands. Urge him to reject the WOPR and tell the BLM to come back with a plan that moves us forward in the forest.

Governor Kulongoski
Phone: 503-378-4582

Email online

Click here to send an automatic email to Governor Kulongoski.

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