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European Day of Action against War and Military Infrastructure - Reports

Reports and pics from various actions marking the European Day(s) of Action against War and Military Infrastructure (14-15 November 2008) are up on the European Peace Action website  http://europeanpeaceaction.org
belgian ministry of defence
belgian ministry of defence
There are reports from Germany, the Basque Country, Spain, Sweden and Belgium. Check the European Peace Action website for full reports and pictures.

Two antimilitarist actions in Berlin

Two actions took place on the 12th and 13th of November as part of the European Day(s) of Action against military infrastructure "War starts from Europe"

Blockade action in ITP basque weapon factory

15th of November, activists from Alternativa Antimilitarista MOC of Bilbao have done a blockade action in ITP (Industria de Turbopropulsores), one of the leading Basque factories, which produces engines and turbines for military industry, mainly military planes and helicopters. The activists have blocked the door with chains and have used red paint symbolizing the blood and destruction that the ITP products cause around the world.

Antimilitarist activists from Alternativa Antilimitarista MOC of Alacant (Spain) enter a Radar Base and put the Flag of Peace

A group of antimilitarist activists from Alacant have gone today, 14 of November, to the highest mountain of Alacant, the Aitana Mountain. Disgracely, the people of Alacant are not permitted to climb and enjoy that beautiful mountain because there is a military base in it.

Swedish peace activists aim at Aimpoint

In early morning the 14th of November a number of Ofog activists came to Aimpoint AB in Malmö, Sweden, a producer of red dot sights used prolifically in war, for example in Iraq and Afghanistan. Martin Smedjeback, 35, did a quick weapons inspection before he was stopped by the police and taken aside. Annika Spalde, 39, also aimed to get over but was stopped by the police before she got the chance to get over the fence.

Vredesactie closes down the Belgian Ministry of Defence.

Belgium is at war. The country is involved in several military operations worldwide.

The Belgian minister of Defence has dragged us into the war in Afghanistan and wants to engage the army more actively in military operations worldwide. That's why the peace movement Vredesactie has closed down the Ministry of Defence today. The activists are demanding that the Belgian government puts an end to the military presence in Afghanistan.

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