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The Regime's Old Men Totter and Teeter

Attorney General Michael Mukasey Collapses.
Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapses at the Federalist Society.

What an amazing event to behold!

Caught on tape trying to defend the Regime in vain.

The Regime's old men are reminiscent of the tottering old men in the waning days of the Soviet Politburo.

Cheney teeters. Mukasey Totters!

People's reactions to Mukasey collapsing are quite interesting. You can hear at least one woman saying "Oh no!"

And later news anchors referring to the collapse as scary or difficult to watch.

Frankly, it was neither.

But one can see how much some people vest in their "leaders". Some women are heavily invested in the "Patriarchs", like primates in theirs. And when the Patriarch falls, its wrenching for them.

Of course the important point is that to the extent that this is so, people uncritically defer to those in the positions of "leadership".