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Survival book list

I found some interesting book list on a peak oil website. I think any material on survival is mui importante at this juncture. Of course you can buy these books anywhere. It is a given the country is tanking. While the fall of this country or capitalism is much desired, anyone could have seen it was inevitable. Adam Smith may has well be smoking crack when he wrote, "The Wealth of Nations." Actually if he did, he might have come up with a saner economic philosophy. Hey, though; that book was written 200 years ago. Isn't it a little OUT OF DATE! Still, for me, I don't gloat over stupidity anymore. It is just tragic, really, how human nature is and how we humans cling to tradition, even if it kills us. Yet the plains tribes had many stories warning of the dangers of unchecked adherence to tradition. Read Seven Arrows, by Hyemeyosts Storm to here the allegorical stories and the solutions to this human glitch. We decimated those cultures. Just shows the karma which comes around. All people has wisdom and uh, oh, we've wiped them out. Egoism, ethnocentrism and greed are our heritage though; they are the worst vices. This is what capitalism was borne out of. Legitimizing the lowest common denominator of human nature under the guise of a God approved ideology.
This page is from the same website; at first glance it is truly horrible looking; yet at the end are some really great books, most of which I've never heard of before. Take what you like and leave the rest.
YES, I KNOW THEY ARE SELLING STUFF AND IT SEEMS THEY ARE LINKED WITH AMAZON. But I like to steal information leads and find where I can get the same stuff for free or cheaper. It is just good to know what's out there. This is why I'll read my junk email about the financial crisis. For leads on what is going on; but it will be a cold day in hell before I pay $70 for some report about how to survive the crisis; most of these guides are for people with money and telling them how to invest. Me; I have my mind that compensates for lack of funds!