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I want to create a Freestore in N/NE.

I want to create a Freestore in North or NE Portland, and I want you to help.
A freestore is essentially a free thriftstore. Clothes, small household items, cooking utensils, books, small electronics, and more - all for free. The freestore at the Blackrose Infoshop is the best example that I've seen in town.

This is alternative economics at its best: an anti-capitalist model for meeting the material needs of the community in a totally open, non-alienating way. Everyone's welcome to participate, regardless of political identity, aesthetics, or sub-culture. This isn't a radical project. This is a community project.

A garage would be the perfect space for this. Anyone out there maybe willing to donate their garage? We might be able to pay a little money each month, but probably not over $100.

I envision the store being open 4 or 5 days a week, and maybe 4 hours a day to start off.

How You Can Help:
- Help organize! I'm pretty busy, and could really use some co-organizers.
- Volunteer once the store is open. Just four hours once a week!
- Donate your garage!
- Donate money or supplies! Remodeling, clothes racks, outreach, and more.

Email me at shanthi.satellite@gmail.com if you want to help!

Two Freestores? 20.Nov.2008 11:42


Hey, theres already a free store in North Portland called the Black Rose. Why don't you just start working with them?

more the merrier 20.Nov.2008 13:45

freestore freestore everywhere

freestore freestore... in your hair..?


Blackrose 20.Nov.2008 14:52


Yeah, Blackrose is really rad. I volunteered there for over a year, in fact.

But yeah, the more the merrier! I'd like to have this project end up a bit away from Blackrose. Farther north, or farther east.