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Let Live Series, Volume 2: The Skin Trade

Skin Trade with Shannon Keith
When: 11/23, 1 pm
Where: PSU, Smith Memorial Union, Room 238

With colder weather comes fur season. It starts appearing on racks in stores and on peoples backs around town. Most people don't know what cruelty goes into their clothes as even fakes are often real dog and cat fur. With this in mind, and with the annual Fur Free Friday demonstrations coming up fast, we welcome acclaimed activist and director Shannon Keith who will be sharing segments of her new film Skin Trade, which is in production. Shannon is an animal and civil rights attorney, and the director of the award winning film, Behind the Mask. She is a regular speaker at animal rights conferences around the country and will be discussing the fur industry, her film, and leading a discussion about what we can all do to combat this cruel fashion. This discussion will cover audience member questions as well as how to combat industry arguments, outreach and education tips, and online activism options, amongst other topics.
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