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Bash Back! News Responds to Death Threats

To those who have threatened to kill us in the passed week:

You have put us in camps.

You have imprisoned us otherwise.

You bombed our bars and clinics.

You helped passed anti-Gay legislation

You have killed us in the streets and beat us in
your schools.

And that one time when we were 13 you let us jerk you off in your tree fort.

So get the fuck over it!

Trans and Queer Folk face threats of violence on a daily basis. We have dealt with this shit our entire lives. As a result, we find your rhetoric to be unoriginal and frankly a bit stale. Furthermore, your yelps of legal repercussions, hell, and even murder do not deter us. They just fuel our fire, baby.

Bash Back! is devoted to exposing, confronting, challenging, and smashing our oppressors to itsy bitsy pieces. We're fixing to tear this world of heteronormative control to shreds. We are everywhere and will meet you at every opportunity. There are now BB! Chapters in Milwaukee, Chicago, Colorado, Memphis, Upstate New York, Lansing, DC, Philly, and Olympia. It won't be long before we come for you .

(Shout out to the non-BB! radical Queermo groups in NYC, Maine, SF, and other places!)

We know that you call us terrorists because our very existence terrorizes you. This makes us proud, but you ain't seen nothing yet. Nevertheless, we must remind ourselves that your bizarre delusions are not enough to liberate us from patriarchy. One day, soon enough, the secret Tranny sleeper operatives posing as your spouses will wake, and oh what a day that will be!

So you want a real social war? Bring it! We can fuck you up while we're fucking each other. We pack heat in our bedrooms and on the streets. Bet you can't do that, KKK.

-Bash Back! News

PS Next time y'all decide to flood us with death threats it might be a good idea to refrain from giving us your full names and email addresses... just a thought.