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Bob Geldof got paid $100,000 for poverty speech

Anti-poverty campaigner Bob Geldof charged $100,000 to go to Melbourne and give a speech about world suffering. Geldof, 54, spoke about the tragedy of Third World poverty and the failure of governments to combat the crisis, at a Crown casino function on Thursday night.
But the outspoken human rights activist charged about $100,000 for his trouble - a speaker's fee that included the cost of luxury hotel rooms and first-class airfares. Fellow activist the Rev Tim Costello, World Vision's CEO, spoke for free. An event insider said the Geldof payments included the costs of a minder.

"It was an inspiring speech. But when you think he got paid $100,000 to talk about poverty, it seems like a bit of a contradiction," the insider said. "That's $100,000 that could have made a difference to poverty right there. Everyone in the audience would have walked away in awe. If only they knew the full story."

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right, Geldof is the problem 19.Nov.2008 15:29

not the whole poverty pimp industry

You could say the same thing, twenty times over, about the whole event he spoke at, couldn't you?

this money was going to be spent on spectacular P.R. bullshit anyway 19.Nov.2008 15:34

poverty? yeah we can sell that

"Geldof's speech was the highlight of Thursday night's eighth annual Diversity@Work business awards at Crown Palladium.

"Diversity@Work is a private company providing workplace consulting and training.

"Its CEO, Mark Heaysman, last night refused to say how much was spent to lure Geldof, who was awarded an honorary knighthood in 1986 for his Live Aid campaign.

" 'The aim of the Diversity@Work awards is to bring the very important issue of providing better opportunities for people with disabilities and those from diverse backgrounds to the public spotlight,' Mr Heaysman said."