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Questions about Bergin's arrest

Just read the Sandy Post's coverage of Bergin's arrest. I'm a bit confused by some of the info in that article...
The Sandy Post finally came out with an on-line article about Bergin's arrest: ( http://www.sandypost.com/news/story.php?story_id=122669848205315100).

The lead states:

"An investigation by the Gresham Police Department has alleged that a Sandy police officer obtained revoked, cancelled or suspended driver's licenses and gave them to a friend who may have used them so that minors could enter places where alcoholic beverages are sold."

But later in the story it quotes Deputy District Attorney Mike Regan as saying:

"Bergin is alleged to have kept driver's licenses in his coffee table drawer and then given two of them to a friend of his to use to get into under-age bars."

Did you catch that? Under-age bars?

I'm a bit confused. So which is it? Were these licenses used (or going to be used) by minors to get into alcohol-serving bars, or were they used (or going to be used) by older people to get into under-age establishments?

Could it be that the pool of sweet young girls for the local cops and other pedophiles to prey upon is too limited up here on the mountain? It seems they're going downtown to mine the underage clubs now.

Since the second statement was a direct quote from the Deputy DA, and the first was - apparently - a (mis?) interpretation of the details by the author of the story, I tend to lend more credibility to the DA's direct quote.

If that's true, which of Billy Bergin's adult friends would want to go to an underage establishment, and why? It's not really too hard to guess, since Bergin's LATEST investigation came from info found out in the investigation of Deputy Claggett's abuse and stalking of underage girls. According to this latest article:

"The investigation into Bergin's activities began when one of the witnesses in the investigation of former Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Claggett gave information that accused Bergin of illegal actions."

Those witnesses being, of course, the underage girls that Claggett stalked and abused. Obviously, Claggett and Bergin, (and perhaps how many others?) were in on this shit together.

But no, the cops and their cronies at the DA's office are unable (more like unwilling) to connect any dots - at least publicly. "We're talking about one discreet event," said Deputy District Attorney Mike Regan.

WTF?? Yet again, we get little more than a press release from the incurious stenographers at the Post. Pay attention, please, you allegedly professional newspeople! We want to know what's really going on, not just what they want us to hear.

And how come the comments section is not allowed on this story on the Post site??
Freedom of speech, my ass.

More questions for the incurious 17.Nov.2008 11:39


About connecting those dots...

Can someone please tell me why a young, rookie cop like Bergin thought it was A-OK to do things like drive drunk, attempt to do a b&e at an ex-g'friend's house, steal driver's licenses and use them for identity theft and, of course, shoot an unarmed, severely injured man to death? Why, pray tell, did this young recruit believe he could just keep getting away with these types of illegal, immoral and unethical behavior? Especially in light of the fact that he'd already been busted for some of these things and then just kept doing them.

Could if be - just possibly - a culture of corruption in our local law enforcement agencies that makes young turks just coming up in the ranks like Billy Bergin believe they are above the law?

Skelton, Roberts, the DA's office and the others all want us to believe these are just a few bad apples in an otherwise uncorrupted barrel of good guys. Sorry, but though I believe Bergin is probably not as slick and experienced at covering his tracks the way some of the other veterans are, he is not a complete blithering idiot.

The culture of law enforcement is such that those who buck the status quo are not part of the gang. If ol' Billy was such an oddity, why was he supported and defended through all of this?

this is probably some kind of typo or misunderstanding 17.Nov.2008 15:31

over foo bar age

If there is any such thing as an "under-age bar" that would require fake ID to get into, it's news to me. The Escape is full of older people awkwardly hanging out with their 19 year old dates, or so I've been told, though I've avoided suffering that particular fate myself.

Guess so 17.Nov.2008 15:54


When my kids were underage, they went to some dance clubs downtown that were supposed to be exclusively under 21, which the bouncers at the door supposedly carded for. Perhaps I'm wrong, because I didn't actually go in myself to check (tho I did call the club and speak to someone who assured me that was their policy). And I'm not so foolish to realize that this is something that they necessarily always stick to - either now or then. But this was what I was thinking of when writing this piece.

Guess it probably is a typo or something. But as a student of journalism myself at one time, in the interest of accuracy and credibility, reporters and writers should always record something described as a direct quote (as this statement was) VERBATIM. Whether you're taking hand written notes, or transcribing a recording of some kind, direct quotes are something (I was taught at least) to not mess up if you want to be a credible journalist. That would be why I cut and paste them from the articles I refer to.

So sorry, I still think it's a bit odd that the article changed - after being up since Friday - soon after I first posted this piece. Call me a conspiracy theorist, call me a nut, call me a nit-picker. I am perhaps all of those. But at the very least they corrected the story so it mkaes sense. I guess.

The point is 17.Nov.2008 18:20


No problem, MH. You were simply stating the fact: Bergin is a murdering slime ball, and after murdering, breaking and entering, harassing, driving drunk, misfeasance, malfeasance, and fuckfeasance, he is finally getting some much deserved recognition, and your reporting helps tremendously. We all find it ironic on steroids that this attention is for something as simple (and decidedly wrong, but not to the level of homicide) as palming and using someone else's identity for whatever prurient purpose. He needs to go down, for whatever, if the only outcome is that he will have to turn in his cop card in this state forever. Willard is next.

Victims 17.Nov.2008 19:10


The shame lies in the fact that the underage girls which these guys were harassing and RAPING (it is rape when the sex is with children) have not been comforted and urged to come forward! Where is victim's assistance now? It would be interesting to go to this PEDOPHILES court hearings and witness how he is treated compared to other people. It sounds like Clackamas County is already trying to cover this up, they do have an interest in this guy. END FACT: the Clackamas County Sheriff's office, Courts, District Attorney's office, and Probation/Parole are corrupt and evil!

Pedophiles do use fake ID to be younger to get into those clubs, but there is no law against it.