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Sunday Mobilization Alert!

Sunday, November 16, 2008, 1pm, North Park Blocks
(Transcribed by Fay Kalias and Wendy B)

I, Radical Richard, am calling for a mobilization at the iron elephant in the North Park Blocks. I call on the people to make clear to the Obama presidency that we want no new expansion of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We must make this clear.

I call for a stop to targeted ticketing and harassment of community activists and poor people by police. It is my duty as an activist to call on our federal and local governments to STOP THESE WARS ON POOR PEOPLE.

If you want to make a change here at home as well as in our world, please join me, Radical Richard, at the iron elephant (in the North Park Blocks) at 1pm Sunday.

Thank you.

Richard's court date for offensive littering has been changed to November 25th.