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Breaking News: Bergin Arrested???

Word has it William Bergin has been taken into custody. Information is very sketchy at this point. The charges appear to be identity theft, and official misconduct.
Madam Hatter, if you're out there, we will anxiously look forward to another of your in-depth reports from out your way. What's up?

William Bergin, you may recall, is the ex-Sandy police officer who tortured and killed an unarmed man, Fouad Kaady, after Kaady was severely injured in an accident. Bergin is less well known for having broken into his ex-girlfriend's house in the middle of the night and terrorizing her. He was arrested by Sherwood police for drunken driving, and he then tried to use his badge to escape responsibility for that. (He said that's how they do it in Sandy.)

He kept his badge after all of these things. Chief Skelton of Sandy continued to defend him, saying he was a "good officer." Indeed.

Recently, however, Bergin was forced to resign after some undisclosed improprieties that also involved a Clackamas county sheriff. And now, he's apparently in police custody. (Hopefully, not Sandy police custody.)

Clearly, this is one troubled and dangerous man.

Yep, not a lot of details-yet 13.Nov.2008 18:51


Bergin, the murderer of Fouad Kaady turned himself in to authorities today after he was charged with identity theft, first-degree official misconduct and misuse of a license. Seems kind of inconsequential, when compared to the real crimes that we know he has committed, but at this point, any punishment is better than none at all.

William Jacob Bergin, 27, surrendered at the Clackamas County Jail after he was indicted by a grand jury. The indictment did not provide details of the accusations against Bergin.

He was released on his own recognizance (meaning his former boss and apparent lover, Chief Skelton, considers him to be a low risk for flight), pending his Dec. 11 arraignment in Clackamas County Circuit Court.

In a written statement, the Sandy Police Department said, "Whenever someone in the law enforcement community, past or present, is accused of wrongdoing, law enforcement officers are hurt by it. We are saddened and embarrassed by this." And well you should be. You should have cleaned your shoes of this turd back when he murdered Fouad.

Sandy police declined further comment, because, hell, what could they say?

Bergin remains a defendant in a civil lawsuit filed in federal court after Bergin and sheriff's Deputy David Willard shot and killed a naked unarmed Portland man on a rural highway in 2005. The family of Fouad Kaady, 27, has accepted the pro bono services of high-profile, defense attorney Gerry Spence of Wyoming to argue the lawsuit, and he is going to clean their clocks. Believe it.

The suit names the city of Sandy, Clackamas County and the two officers and seeks monetary damages to be determined at trial for alleged civil rights violations, excessive force, unconstitutional arrest and wrongful death.

Bergin joined the Sandy Police Department in May 2005, and since that time has been involved in numerous shady deals, as previously enumerated on this site.

apparent lover? 14.Nov.2008 09:30


What is this information based on?

News to me 14.Nov.2008 11:04


The first I heard of this was a tiny blurb in the Metro section of the O today. LN sums up what was in that blurb almost verbatim (thanks, LN!). I'll let you know what else I hear as the Post hasn't been very good about keeping up-to-date on their website. The Tribune website has had more about the various goings-on with Claggett and Bergin of late than the Post itself. I'll go get a paper version directly and see what that says.

Once again, IndyMedia steps up and gets the word out there before our local mass media markets. Way to go citizen journalists! Let's keep the pressure up on these cretins so the local outlets give us more than just the usual P.R. releases we usually get.

Lover? 14.Nov.2008 15:07

Juan Segin

One can only base that claim on observation: Skelton has been staunchly defending this crazed cop's actions from the get go, calling him a fine, upstanding officer, in the face of the fact that he had killed an unarmed man, only after tasering him beyond senseless. In face of the fact(s) that he had driven drunk to the home of a former girl friend, broken in, terrorized her (where is homeland security???), and then, when arrested, tried using his badge to avoid prosecution for drunk driving and harassment, by telling the Sherwood cops "they do it all the time in Sandy." THAT'S why it would appear that Skelton is his lover, or possibly his daddy, or at the very least, his kindly old uncle. If those facts are not born out, it is not for lack of circumstantial evidence, which is all the cops ever need, if it is you, or I, who is being investigated.

here is more 14.Nov.2008 21:18