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human & civil rights

culture jamming with food not bombs

bring yer culture and squash the state

sundays under the morrison bridge west pdx 6:00 p.m. pdt
let all be fine and well,
are you tired of not being heard by mainstream media, and the culture at large? culture jamming is an easy method of getting your message out there in simple, concise, and often perfectly legal ways. wouldn't it be great to get together and share ideas about how to forge communities that are truly sustainable and tolerant? lets get together and share ideas. please bring vegan snacks. this event will coincide with a food not bombs food sharing at 6:00! we will be cooking on the spot, and will have gallons of voodoo donuts. it will take time and volunteers to get fnb operating smoothly, bear with us. volunteers welcomed. email  johndoe91269@yahoo.com

viven los gentes, viven las zapatistas, el pueblo unido jamas sera vencido.

Suggested Materials: please bring resources (chalk, drums and other musical instruments, poi, radical information/humor, circus stuff, seeds of discontent, seeds for guerilla gardens, elements of your culture, spoken word, utensils, vegan donations for food not boms, and food containers, &cetera) Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible Child-friendly

sundays under the morrison bridge west pdx 6:00 p.m. pdt