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On-going Italian Education rebellion: Some articles and videos

STUDENTS WANT TRAINS! - November 12, 2008
The next big day of student protests in Italy is this Friday. There will be a mass demonstration in Rome, organized by students and universitarians, independently of parties and unions. At the moment, people are trying to pressure Trenitalia to allow people to travel to Rome by trains with reduced prices. This has been done in many occasions before.
For example, in the occasion of the mass demonstration in Genoa last autumn, 17/11/2007 - a protest against falsifying the history in trials related to the G8-Summit of 2001 - the movements managed to negotiate a deal with Trenitalia about special trains for demonstrators. The idea behind this is that people should have the right to express their opinion whether they have money to travel or not.

This time the negotiations seem difficult. This far Trenitalia has turned down the proposals.

I read that yesterday in Milan, hundreds of students gathered at the central railway station in an assembly, which tried to pressure Trenitalia to a deal about the trains. The assembly proposed a price of 10-15 euros for a two-way ticket from Milan to Rome and back. The persons in charge finally agreed to talk, but suggested a price of 60 euros, which was way too much for students whose income is low and precarious.

They didn't reach a deal, so the pressure towards Trenitalia goes on. In Milan, the students have set an appointment this Thursday at 3 p.m. at the railway station. The idea is to bring there all the people who want to go and participate in the demonstration in Rome. They say they are determined to reach Rome no matter what, and that they are prepared to shut down the train traffic if necessary. There are appointments also at stations of Parma, Pisa, Napoli, Firenze, Bologna, Venezia and Padova.

The Milanese faculties and universities in mobilization have a blog called Onda Anomala Milano (in Italian). Here's two videos about the Milanese efforts to guarantee cheaper trains for the mobilization of this Friday:


Videos from the student demos in Roma. Students try to occupy train station and are attacked by police.

Reasonable analysis of the Anomalous Wave:

CGIL: General strike 12 December 12.Nov.2008 18:41


CGIL has called a general strike for 12 December. No details about the strike, except that it will last at least 4 hours.

At the moment there's some polemics between unions. The government excluded CGIL from a meeting in which others were invited. CGIL accuses the government of trying to divide the unions. In the meantime, CISL has withdrawn from the strike of schools and universities which is taking place this Friday. UIL, however, confirmed its participation. CGIL not only goes on strike but also organizes a demonstration which starts at 9.30 at Piazza della Bocca della Veritá and ends up in Piazza Navona.

Students and universitarians will have their own parades independently of the unions. There will be three parades which will later join together. One starts at Sapienza, students of Roma Tre gather at Piramide, and secondary school students at Piazza della Repubblica.

Italian Studfent Rebellion spreading to Europe? 13.Nov.2008 08:10


European Anomalous Wave...

London: Gathering in front of the residence of the Italian ambassador
14, Three Kings Yard
London W1K 4EH
from there, demo till LSE and free lecture about Universities inEurope
Nov 14th, h. 10.00
tlf: 0044 07531933006
mail to:  ukanomalouswave@hotmail.co.uk

Gathering in front of the residence of the Italian ambassador
Fredericiagade 2, next to Amalienborg, KBH K
Nov 14th , h. 12.00 - 14.30
tlf. Tado: 0045 26682617
mail to:  nogelminicph@gmail.com
mailing list:  nogelminicph@googlegroups.com

Gathering in front of the Italian Consulate
Boulevard Emile Augier, 5
75010 Parigi
Nov 14th ,h. 10.00 - 15.00
tlf Salvo: 0033 670937032
mailing list:  ondanomalaparigi@googlegroups.com

Gathering in front of the Italian Consulate
Rue du Commandant Faurax, 5
69425 Lyon Cedex 06
Nov 14th , h. 12.00
mail to:  davidelupi@virgilio.it

Gathering at the Institute for Italian Culture
Plaza de la Villa
Nov 14th, h. 12.00
mail to:  simo8711@hotmail.it

Gathering in front of the Italian Embassy
28, Rue Emile Claus, 1050 Ixelles
(tram stop: Legrand)
Nov 14th, h. 15.00
tlf: Antonio 0032 488263069 / Gaia 0032 488578419
mail to:  antuida@gmail.com /  gaiacalligaris@libero.it

Gathering in front of the Italian Embassy
Largo Conde Pombeiro, 6
1150 - 100 Lisbon
tlf: Virginia 0035 1962215043

Gathering in front of the Italian Consulate
Vijzelstraat, 79
Nov 14th, h. 10.00
mail to:  amsterdam.anomalouswave@autistici.org

Gathering in front of the Italian Embassy
Brandeburger Tor
Pariser Platz
Nov 14th, h. 13.00
mail to:  manuela.gmm@gmail.com

Gathering @ La Pedrera
Nov 14th, h. 11.45

Gathering in front of the Italian Consulate
Avda. Del Puerto,1 Entlo.2
Nov 14th, h. 10.00
mail to:  davalenciacontrola133@gmail.com
forum: www.davalenciacontrola133.forumup.it

Critical Mass from the main station to the Italian Consulate
Nov 14th, h. 14.00
mail to:  lauraespo@hotmail.it

Gathering @ Wilhelm Strasse
Nov 14th, h. 10.00
mail to:  eudigio@hotmail.com

Gathering in front of the Italian Consulate
Tom Tom Kaptan Sokak
Nov 14th, h 10.30
mail to:  caterina.larosa@studio.unibo.it