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Stop The WOPR Tree Sit stands but challenged by police

Police question group but tree sitter Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky successfully remains in a large 5-needle pine on state capitol grounds.
Banners flying, Jasmine talks to a KATU reporter
Banners flying, Jasmine talks to a KATU reporter
After a successful and safe first day, state police asked that tree sitter Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky come down. The group's police liaison explained that descending in the dark could be dangerous. The officer left, but is expected to return tomorrow and make the same request.

The group believes that it is currently not operating in violation of any laws.

Before this interaction, the group has had a successful day with many passers by giving words of encouragement, supplies and positive feed back.

Cascadia Rising Tide hopes the governor will reject the WOPR in favor of a more sustainable forest economy that prevents clear cutting, stops logging in native forest, and would not decrease the protections outlined in the North West Forest Plan. The group is part of a larger coalition called WOPR and Beyond. The group is holding a rally to convince governor Kulongoski not to accept the BLM's proposal.

homepage: homepage: http://www.epicocity.com/wopr.htm
phone: phone: 541-543-1253