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This month in DIY Education: November

Our monthly listing of free workshops, skillshares, and discussion groups around Portland
We're a little late but do not worry because this month is full of skillshares! This calendar is also available online at our website:  http://portland.freeskool.org with more details and often with new classes or updates so make sure to check there too.

"How can I start a class" you ask? Well, its easy! You can teach something that you are passionate about, or maybe start a group to discuss something you'd like to learn more of. It can be in your living room, a park, or any other community space. We have lots more resources for starting a class and finding a space on our website. Read below for some fine examples of grassroots education happening this month, or you can also attend our...

Free School Orientation
November 30th, 4:30pm (every last Sunday of the month)
CommUnity Arts Garage 3969 NE Rodney Ave
Want to learn more about the free school and getting a class started? Maybe you'd like to help a little behind the scenes and help distribute calendars or get the word out. Either way, come on out and find out how to get involved with your local free school.
Fermentation Festival Coming in December!
Thats right, mark your calendars for December 6th and 7th, when we'll be hosting the Portland Fermentation Festival - your chance to share your favorite fermented food or drink recipe: in practice! We'll be taking over City Repair's Temple headquarters to have simultaneous workshops on everything you can imagine being fermented (and many more you can't!). So join in - contact us with ideas on workshops you'd like to host or see happen. We're also looking to host a fundraiser event Friday or Saturday evening to bring the free school the much-needed funds to keep printing off copies of our calendar. If you are or know a performer or someone who could provide food, drink, or a big venue, please give us a holla!
Now on to the classes!

Guerilla Gardening
November 10th 4:26 - 8:26
This class will be located at NW burnside and 16th. the property is owned by st.mary's church, and therefore subject to the policy that they shall not trespass against those who tresspass against them.
want to plant some seeds on others people's property in pdx? let all be fine and well, guerrilla gardening is a wonderful opportunity to plant and take care of gardens without the hinderance of owning land! join the pdx guerrilla gardening association by planting seeds and maintaining them in unused pdx lots and open spaces, or get together with a group and cooperate. urban gardens can; provide food for humans, and fauna equally, improve our habitat, environment, and offer a beautiful alternative to urban sprawl and littering. please contact  johndoe91269@yahoo.com for more information. Suggested Materials: seeds, perennial transplants, play dress-up clothes (or a smock), funny masks (optional), more seeds, more perennials, things to beautify(neat looking things from nature, laminated pix/collages/writings, mobils, garden furniture, bird baths, statuary, sculptures,small mirrors, &cetera), did i mention seeds and perennials?!?!, vegan snacks

Reading Group: P-J Proudhon's "General Idea of the Revolution"
Tuesdays, 7-9 pm.
Laughing Horse Books, 12 NE 10th, Portland, OR
For November-December, we will do a group reading of Proudhon's "General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century", both as a preparation for 2009's survey of the 1848-50 revolutionary traditions and as a way to do some thinking about contemporary social change. In his "General Idea", Proudhon proposed a transitional program towards anarchism, and covered many of the basic elements of society. I think it would be of more than historical interest to try to make sense of Proudhon's proposal, while we try to hash out some general goals of our own. The time seems very ripe for developing our own institutions, in defense of our own interests. It seems clear that the politicians are not going to bail us out. The reading group would be both in-person, at Laughing Horse, and online.

Cut Your Own Damn Hair!
November 12th, 6pm - 8pm
Tentatively, 1631 NE Junior St. (Check website for changes)
Dene the octopus, also a licensed cosmotologist who bangerangs it up by day at Bishops barbershop is gonna teach you how to give you, your roomates, your mom and dad, and your pets hot tamale haircuts. D. will go over how to get the back, trim bangs, look sweet and awesome and feel the same. Bring your kitchen/office shears, combs, spray bottles, towels, bobby pins and stacks of magazines to sit on if needed. Let's play! Suggested Materials: Scissors and hair

Drop in Letter Writing Group
November 13th, 6pm - 8pm
Independent Publishing Resource Center 917 SW Oak Street #218
Write a letter, Make someone's day! Some materials available or bring your own! We've got contacts to write to if you like, or just write your friends!

Knit Team! Learn & Do
November 13th, 7pm - 9pm
Location TBA (Check website) The house has 2 cats and a rabbit...so if you have allergies, sorry!
Tracy is a hella amazing knitter extradinaire. Come learn how to knit small, manageable projects from a crafty superwoman. Experience knitters more than welcome to come and enjoy some knitting community and share their knowledge with beginners too!

Frame Painting Clinic
November 14th, 1pm - 3pm
Artery 4114 N. Vancouver Ave. Portland, OR, 97217
On Friday November 14th, painter Deb Kerr will show you the ropes at a drop-in clinic held from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Artery, located at 4114 N. Vancouver Avenue in Portland. Deb will show how to achieve custom paint finishing techniques for frames. This is a great chance for customers to bring in unframed artwork to build and paint a frame around it with the help of a professional. Regular costs for materials apply, but the learning is free! There will be snacks and drinks on hand and the show "I See Music" opens that night, so clinic-goers will be able to be among the first to see the artwork as it's being installed. Find us at www.arterypdx.com. Suggested Materials: Unframed Artwork

November 17th & 24th, 6pm-8pm
CommUnity Arts Garage 3969 NE Rodney Ave (at Shaver)
Come and sing with us! We will sing a variety of songs, from old hobo tunes to labor songs and others. No need to know how to read music and it doesn't matter if you are off tune. We just want to enjoy hearing our voices together and having a good time! We request a donation of $5-$10 per person for our open studios and other events. This goes to support the space and our goals of providing accessible education and creative collaboration opportunities. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Work trade opportunities are available and we are looking for a few volunteer artists who are interested in getting involved in the space. Please check out garagearts.blogspot.com for more information. Suggested Materials: bring songs that you'd like to share, musical instruments or shakers

Urban Edibles Medicinal Plant Walk
November 18th, 2pm - 4pm
Meet out front of Alberta Co-op NE 15th/Alberta
We will explore the neighborhood to indentify herbs in the cracks of sidewalks, meridians, parks and lawns.
We will cover:
-safe harvesting
-ethical harvesting
-Basics of emergency herbal first aid
-detox herbs in your lawn
-heart repair cordial
-cooking spices
Questions and Comments are welcomed!
Please call Carly @ 503-960-8682

November 19th, 6pm - 8pm
CommUnity Arts Garage 3969 NE Rodney Ave (off Shaver)
Come and get crafty! We will be hosting a collage making class where people can bring things to work on and share or utilize the amazing amount of awesome collageable materials that we have to offer. This is a great opportunity to have fun and make some art in the company of others, learn some new techniques and mutually inspire one another. We request a donation of $5-$10 per person for our open studios and other events. This goes to support the space and our goals of providing accessible education and creative collaboration opportunities. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Work trade opportunities are available and we are looking for a few volunteer artists who are interested in getting involved in the space. Please contact garagearts (at) gmail for more information. Suggested Materials: Bring scissors and materials you'd like to work with.

Women's Writing Circle
November 19th, 7pm - 8:45pm
In Other Words Women's Books and Resources, 8 NE Killingsworth.
Women Writing for (a) Change "brings words to women and the words of women to the world". Pre-registration is accepted but not required for the circles. WWf(a)C is designed to be inclusive of all levels of writing expertise and to honor the voices of all writers. The emphasis is on authentic voice, community- building, and the exploration of writing as a healing practice and a tool of social change. Please come and experience the safe and supportive environment that will inspire writing, careful listening and respect for each woman's words. For more information about WWf(a)C in Portland, go to  http://www.womenwritingwest.com To register go to  info@womenwritingwest.com

Dicentra Collective: When Language Runs Dry
November 20th, 6pm - 9pm
Red and Black Café 400 SE 12th Ave. at Oak www.redandblackcafe.com
"When Language Runs Dry" (Cuando el Lenguaje Se Seca) zine release and discussion about the experiences of those with chronic pain, their allies, and the inter-related issues of care, support, and how we deal with these issues in our community. Presentation by the editors and contributors of When Language Run Dry, fellow zine writer, Emiko Badillo, followed by a community discussion on chronic illness, and finally a mini-workshop on practical care tools. Dicentra is a Portland, OR area collective actively engaged in creating radical communities of care, networks of support, and movements based on relationship building.

Introduction to Alcohol Stoves
November 25th, 6:30pm
CommUnity Arts Garage 3969 NE Rodney Ave (off Shaver)
Alcohol stoves! Make em! With things and supplies and stuff. Suggested Materials: Clean soda / aluminum cans (no beans) and razor blades / exacto knives

Free School Orientation
November 30th, 4:30pm
CommUnity Arts Garage 3969 NE Rodney Ave (off Shaver)
Our monthly orientation to the Free School - come and find out how to start a class and get involved. Feel free to come with your questions.

Submit your December classes in time for our monthly meeting (November 30th) so they make it into our print edition and this email announcement!

Free School Portland

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