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Thousands March to Show No! Uk Iraq Troops NOT WELCOME in Ireland

Thousands of people turned out to the Sinn Fein rally/march today (Sun 2
Nov) which opposed the 'home coming' parade by the notorious RIR regiment of
the British Army.

Ireland, Iraq - End the Occupations!
There was a large Ógra Shinn Féin presence on the day, with young
republicans travelling from across Ireland.

The rally/march was calling for an end to the ongoing illegal occupations in
Ireland, Iraq, and Afghanistan and also to demand the truth for the hundreds
of families who have been bereaved through the official British state policy
of collusion and state murder. The UDR/RIR themselves where part and parcel
of the murder machine.

At the Rally in Dunville, Sean 'Spike' Murray, Gerry Kelly MLA and National
Co-ordinator for Relatives For Justice Mark Thompson addressed the assembled

As the marchers, led by relatives, made their way to Fisherwick place to
protest peacefully and dignified at the passing RIR/UDR coat trailing
exercise, loyalists who had accessed scaffolding adjacent to the protest,
lobbed bottles, bits of scaffold and fireworks to provoke, and injure.

The Sinn Féin protest remained vigilant and dignified and relatives held the
portraits of their loved ones, the victims of Collusion/State murder, high
as the RIR/UDR 'victory parade' passed by.

The rally/march allowed the families, who had been ignored in this highly
insensitive parade, get their message across, and it also allowed the people
of Belfast and wider afield to demonstrate their ongoing opposition to the
illegal occupation of Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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