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Racist, Homophobic Ass gets measure passed in Columbia County

A self righteous resident of Columbia County had two anti-immigrant measures added to the ballot out here. One would have required signs proclaiming Columbia County to be an "illegal worker-free zone." That one failed, thank goodness. A second measure, however, mandates a fine of $10,000 for anyone who hires a so-called "illegal alien." Apparently, it could also mandate that the sheriff's office check people's papers. This one passed.
Wayne Mayo owns a construction business, but is far too racist to employ people of color. He therefore felt threatened by the "unfair advantage" he perceived that other construction businesses received when they hired Mexican laborers for lower wages. Now, if Mayo's issue had simply been that it's not right to hire some workers for less than other workers, I would have agreed with him. But that is not his issue. His issue is that he's too racist to hire a Mexican worker, so he thinks no one else should be able to either. He is a member of the Constitution Party, and believes that "America is for Americans." (But not Native Americans. He means white, male, Christian Americans who are not gay.)(Mr. Mayo also had a very public tantrum at a public school because he perceived a school play to be promoting homosexuality.) Here is some history from this very site on the issue:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/07/362425.shtml?discuss

If anyone is interested in having a really racist contractor do your construction work, or if you would just like to talk to him about why he would want to promote racial hatred, here is where you can contact him:

415 S 2ND ST
Phone: (503) 396-1114

I believe this is his email address:  wayne_mayo54@hotmail.com

(He posted that to the article in the above link. He likes to read about himself too, I guess.)


Pay Everyone Low Wages? 08.Nov.2008 08:18


If we open the border to everyone who wants to come here, life will be equally terrible for everyone. But at least it will be equal!

It's suspicious that you don't advocate strong land use laws or reform to our banking system. I'm sure Mr. Mayo would agree with you on that.

Did these measures get passed? 09.Nov.2008 02:26

Stella by Starlight

Did these measures actually get passed? You don't really comment on that. If they did, who is to blame?

If I craft a measure mandating pink shirts on Mondays, or no alcohol sales on Fridays, fine. If the public approves them, that's another can of worms.

Responses 10.Nov.2008 10:22


To respond to the two comments above:

1. One of the measures did pass. (See the first paragraph in the original article.)

2. Regarding the assertion that opening the borders lowers everyone's wages:

You make an important point... if only you had made it when NAFTA and GATT were being passed. When we open the borders to capital, as we do with so-called "free trade," we allow unregulated corporations to take our money and our jobs wherever the wages are lowest, wherever environmental regulations are weakest, wherever worker-safety and anti-exploitation regulations are non-existent. This creates a race to the bottom, in which nations are expected to climb over the top of each other trying to reduce wages and eradicate safety, health, and environmental regulations in a blind effort to keep or attract corporate cash. This is especially egregious when we open the borders to capital but close them to labor, as "free trade" has done. (Or, in plain language, we open the borders to super-rich, elite corporate heads and their cash, but we close them to human beings.)

Our borders are not "open" to human beings, not by a long shot. The suggestion that Mr. Mayo's pathetic measure has any impact on opening or closing our borders is to give that sick little man far too much credit.

Regarding what life would be like if all borders were open to human beings? I do not think you have any idea. It's never been attempted. But here's my scenario on how such a thing would impact the economy, and your job prospects: If workers were allowed to migrate to places where wages are high, then all corporations everywhere would be forced to compete with each other to attract good workers. So wages would rise everywhere. Corporations that could not compete by offering fair wages and health benefits would dry up and die, because they make their fortunes on the backs of workers.

The reason you could not initially see that is that you have been co-opted by the elite to believe that whatever is in their self-interest must be in your best interest as well. They use the corporate media top convince you that "scary brown people" are after "our" jobs. In this way, they keep us all fighting over the crumbs dropped from their table. I say we all get up off the floor and take the feast off the top of the table. There's enough for us all up there. WE are the ones who earned it. Not those currently stuffing their faces there.

PRINTED IN LARGE CAPS! 11.Nov.2008 17:04

Joe Anybody

this is meant to be loud and in capital letters

thank you ....thank you.....thank you
for the excellent written and explained comments by "columbiana"

wow .... 5 stars and a standing ovation

i was standing and clapping when i was done reading your reply
the way you broke this down in easy to understand language is fabulous

dang ....i need everyone i know to read your words of insight and relevancy