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Anarchists Burn Ballots

Ballot Burning!
Anarchists burn ballots in protest
In brief
by Paul Frazier | Freelance Reporter |
PUBLISHED ON 11/6/08 IN News
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Media Credit: Paul Frazier

While millions of Americans were casting their ballots in polls across the United States on Tuesday, a group of five self-proclaimed anarchists burned theirs in front of the U.S. Post Office on 5th Avenue and Willamette Street in downtown Eugene.

The group was protesting the act of voting in the United States, saying that voting does not give people real power to make a difference. Each person had a unique perspective on what should replace the current system in the United States and the world. However, they shared the belief that in addition to voting, the current systems of government and states is fundamentally flawed.

They huddled together around a portable barbecue as they lit ballots on fire. As the ballots burned, many of them said the ballots were highly effective in warming their hands.

"The best use of my ballot was for kindling," activist Ian Roger said.

When the ballots finished burning, they were careful to not spill any ash onto the sidewalk. Then they unfurled a sign that said, "Whoever they vote for we are ungovernable." As they walked down Willamette Street to the federal courthouse displaying the sign, a woman stopped them and asked if they knew where a ballot drop box was.

They laughed and collectively pointed at the barbecue.


RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!- of the Eugene analarchists 08.Nov.2008 08:05

SMASH THE STATE!- of little minds...

So what did they do that day, before and after their little show, to make this world a better place? NOTHING- that's what. If it was left up to the Eugene analarchists this country would be a hateful violent and dreary place indeed, a selfish, mindless totalitarian police-state far beyond anything the Bush/Cheney regime could ever imagine. If there's one thing worse than the lying thieving murdering war-mongering neocons, it's traitors like the Eugene analarchists who clandestinely support them behind their phoney-fuk hard-core facade. GO OBAMA GO! Kick neocon ass! (and i'll deal with the analarchists...).

Uh Huh 08.Nov.2008 13:41


Right, and Obama has ever done anything worth mentioning... ever? The guy supported the warmachine, supports wall street. He's a politician, and you're a tool.

"what else did they do that day to make this world a better place? NOTHING" 08.Nov.2008 15:48

what a dick

You don't know what else they did that day. What did YOU do today that was so great?

Shut the fuck up already.