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Saturday, 11/8 7:30 PM PSU 5th Ave cinema "A Sealed Fate" Movie Benefit for Portland ADL

"A Sealed Fate" movie benefit for Portland Animal Defense League, stop by to view a short movie and help raise some money for your local animal rights group!
*November 8th AR Movie Night!*
Come join us at the PSU movie theatre. Bring $5 suggested donation for Portland Animal Defense League.
Doors open at 7:00pm with movie starting at 7:30.
FREE VEGAN POPCORN but feel free to bring your own snacks!
*What:* Special Screening of *A Sealed Fate?*

*Where:* PSU's 5th Avenue Cinema (www.fifthavenuecinema.groups.pdx.edu/ourlocation.html)

*When:* Doors Open 7pm / Movie Starts 7:30pm

*About A Sealed Fate?: *A film by Nigel Barker—professional photographer and
one of The HSUS's top spokespersons—that chronicles Nigel's two trips to
Atlantic Canada this year with his team and with HSUS staff—the first before
the hunt started where he showed the world through his pictures this open-air
nursery and the majesty of the seals and the seascape, and the second to
broadcast images of the hunt itself. The biopic subtly conveys how this
slaughter of a quarter of a million or more seals really exists because of
stubbornness and inertia, not because of its contribution to the economy and
certainly not its role in managing marine mammal or fish populations. It's
just animal abuse, bound up with tradition, and it will only end when Canada,
Americans, and Europeans make enough of a clamor and exert enough influence
to shut it down.

*About Portland Animal Defense League:* The Portland Animal Defense League
is an animal rights group based in Portland, Oregon. We are a grassroots
organization that conducts hard-hitting campaigns designed to eliminate all
forms of animal exploitation. We advocate veganism: an end to animals as
food, entertainment and clothing, and ending animal testing in favor of
modernized, ethical methods of research.


- More than one million baby seals have been killed in the past four
years for their fur.
- Baby seals can be hunted once their white coat is shed, which can be as
early as 12 days.


*Campus Map:* www.pdx.edu/map.html

*Driving Directions:*
link to maps.google.com

*Parking: *Free after 7pm on the street. Weekends you can park in the PSU
parking structures and pay for a daylong fee.

*Biking:* FREE

As always, ANY questions/concerns please feel free to email us!

**Portland Animal Defense League**
PO Box 11883
Portland, OR 97211