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California Cities Enact Ban on Military Recruiting of Minors

On November 4, voters in two northern California cities passed ballot measures that prohibit military recruiting of anyone under the age of eighteen.
This is an amazing, strategic, well thought out victory for the antiwar and truth in recruiting movement. Congrats to N. Cali organizers!
And it's replicable!

California, home of Humboldt State University, is well known for its progressive
politics and its municipal involvement in promoting peace and defending the
Constitution. Neighboring Eureka is widely perceived as a more conservative
timber town and fishing port, with the habit of poking fun at the perceived
political excesses of its more progressive neighbor six miles to the

Measure F in Arcata passed with 73% of the voters in support, and
Measure J in Eureka had 56% approval.

With such large majorities in both
cities favoring the measures, it is clear that people of all political
persuasions want the military to stop recruiting kids. This is in response to
the fact that young teens are increasingly being targeted for enlistment in the
armed forces, as manpower needs from two unpopular wars outpace willing

The "Youth Protection Act" makes it an infraction for a
military recruiter to "initiate contact" with minors, within the city limits,
for the purpose of recruiting them into the military. It in no way prevents
anyone from talking with a recruiter if he or she chooses to do so.

ordinances will take effect in 30 days, and proponents will use that time to
meet with city attorneys and police to work out enforcement details, and to
prepare for the possibility of legal challenge by the federal

Supporters believe that communities have a right to protect
young people under 18 from being pressured to join the military at an early and
vulnerable age. They point to laws already on the books that prohibit
advertising that targets youth with messages promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco
or sex.

Meanwhile, voters in both Arcata and Eureka are happy to have
joined together in shouting out, "Hey recruiter, leave them kids

More information is available at: www.stoprecruitingkids.org

Dave Meserve: 707-834-3612

homepage: homepage: http:// www.stoprecruitingkids.org
phone: phone: 707-834-3612