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Local Nazis on Display (Part 3 of 3)

Rose City Antifa is pleased to bring you this album containing photos of local members of Volksfront, the most significant neo-Nazi organization in our state. The vast majority of these photos are from 2008 events in Oregon which occurred after the release of Volksfront prospect "Red" (AKA "Big Red") from prison.
Those who have been following the Volksfront organization will see plenty of familiar faces in this collection. It should be noted that Randal and Abbie Krager—pictured in many of these photos—no longer seem to live in Portland. Our deep condolences go out to the state of Florida, especially those people living near Lakeland...

We encourage anyone with additional information about the individuals pictured here to contact us directly. Our voicemail number is (971) 533 7832. You may also email fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net.

phone: phone: 971.533.7832 (VM)

numbers 06.Nov.2008 08:27


i want ther ephone numbers and address

nazi dipshits 08.Nov.2008 07:29


what a bunch of dorks!!!