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Local Nazis on Display (Part 1 of 3)

Rose City Antifa is pleased to bring you this album containing photos of local members of Volksfront, the most significant neo-Nazi organization in our state. The vast majority of these photos are from 2008 events in Oregon which occurred after the release of Volksfront prospect "Red" (AKA "Big Red") from prison.
Those who have been following the Volksfront organization will see plenty of familiar faces in this collection. It should be noted that Randal and Abbie Krager—pictured in many of these photos—no longer seem to live in Portland. Our deep condolences go out to the state of Florida, especially those people living near Lakeland...

We encourage anyone with additional information about the individuals pictured here to contact us directly. Our voicemail number is (971) 533 7832. You may also email fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net.

phone: phone: 971.533.7832 (VM)

great work antifa! 05.Nov.2008 23:54


keep it up. we will memorize these faces.

breeders 06.Nov.2008 00:39


It is terrifying that not only they exist which such horrific pride but that they are breeding spawn that they will brainwash to carry out their ignorant hatred.
My own delight is that there were not enough of them to vote in McCain.
For the first time in my life time, I voted not out of principal but for the one who blasted out their chosen leader and his poorly chosen partner in crime. Though I have to admit, my heart believes that his choice of Palin is likely what saved us from seeing the pubes in the wight house this term.

Is this for real? 06.Nov.2008 13:07


The hatred here is coming from who posted this stuff! What is this, a witch hunt? These people too have freedoms and are guaranteed liberty, even if you or I do not agree! By posting this are YOU any better than McCain? This is Malicious. SHAME ON YOU!

Well actualy... not so much 06.Nov.2008 21:52


It has long been an annoying (mostly) liberal fallacy that oppressive and liberatory philosophies are roughly equal, that is, they both have something to lend to society which should be valued and defended (I understand that it might just be a reactionary overt racist making that comment, however, I have heard it from liberals too many times to dismiss this oppertunity). Possibly they confuse the entire egalitarian-to-authoritarian philosophic spectrum with something akin to their own political party-state system of choice, wherein both parties really are just different sides to the same coin. Well real life doesn't mirror electoral politics, in the real world there is a vast difference. Liberatory philosophies (real ones, like Zapatismo, not just self-professed, like Stalinism) are those that structurally and systemically promote and foster real diversity. These currents of thought (such as those that anti-fa are prescribed) wish to maximize as much productive, workable diversity as is possible. What is productive, healthy diversity is in actuality a verifiable thing, as well, in that it works with and fosters other diversity (duh). Oppressive/authoritarian tendencies on the other hand actually wish to narrow the plain of existence to basically just them and their close allies using increasingly and needlessly violent means. As such they are differ not just in content but also in form, they are qualitatively dissimilar. Saying that we should defend these peoples rights is akin to defending the existence of weapons-grade Plutonium on this planet because "it's just an element like any other!" or like suggesting that while a garden certainly prospers from the application of organic fertilizer, we should defend the use of deadly toxins on it as well (oh wait many people still do defend that position! Well, looks like we've got our work cut out for us...)

p.s. 06.Nov.2008 22:06


furthermore I'm getting really sick of liberals defending fascists in the present, wile claiming to support those who have fought fascism in the past. I don't see why we should allow these authoritarian racists to rise to power, killing millions in the process, before we resist them. Best to do it before they're in control!
p.p.s. Collective, community resistance (yes, even using violence if necessary) to fascism (or any other negative -ism) is not the same things as a centralized hierarchy smashing dissent, no more so than collective community is itself the same as centralized hierarchy! Hence, we are not... I repeat, WE ARE NOT "just as bad as McCain" or the Nazis etc.
Please, people, just stop and think a second before spewing this malarkey!

Thank you! 07.Nov.2008 13:54


Thank you for posting these pictures! It is an eye opener to see these faces. I know we know there are people out there that are nazis. But because our circles do not involve them, it doesn't seem real to me that there are still people like this until I see them. This is not to take into account all of us who have racism in us from just growing up in our society. I don't know whats worse....our hidden racism or blatant fucked up dangerous nazis. At least you know who your dealing with when it comes to Nazis. I encourage everyone to look inside of yourselves and question the way you think and feel about anyone who is different than you. WE can make real change by dealing with our own biases AND keeping nazis from organizing and having events. Ok I'm done rambling :)

p.s. 06.Nov.2008 22:06 07.Nov.2008 14:46


im down with everything you said p.s. ,by any means necassary including violenc eif needed

Update on Krager 25.Mar.2009 11:37


Randy can be found at

3209 Mount Tabor Rd.
Lakeland, Florida