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Oregonian Website Leads with Article Dated May 5th!

The headline reads "Merkley defeats Novick in tight Democratic Senate race; Smith wins easily" which makes no sense until you realize it was written in May. Enjoy the decent into madness corporate media.
Here is the link and a screen shot to prove it.


Merkley defeats Novick in tight Democratic Senate race; Smith wins easily
Posted by The Oregonian May 20, 2008 23:26PM
Categories: 2008 Election, Politics, U.S. Senate

Oregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley won a narrow victory over political activist Steve Novick in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary Tuesday night, turning back a feisty rival to earn the right to challenge Sen. Gordon Smith in November.
Thomas Boyd/The OregonianOregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley visits the AFL-CIO election call center on his last campaign stop Tuesday.

Interactive map

With about 70 percent of the vote counted, Merkley was leading Novick 45 percent to 41 percent. Four lesser-known candidates, headed by Eugene real estate broker Candy Neville, split the rest of the Democratic vote.