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Oregonian Banner at "Oregon Live" Shows Fuzzy Math on Smith Lead

Smith looks to me to be in the lead alright -- by negative 382 votes... but thats by my math.
Oregon Live -- Senate Race 5:39PM

Merkley leads in Senate race

Merkley 47% 691,501

Smith 47% 691,119

Brownlow 5% 79,004

as much as I dislike the oregonian 05.Nov.2008 23:18


I hear that they've even called it for Merkley. Of course, that was obvious to anyone watching the numbers that Multnomah County's count was slow but heavily Merkley. By the end of the night Merkley should be up 25-30,000. Anyway, assuming you copied and pasted there doesn't seem to be a problem. If elsewhere on the site it gave Smith the lead that was true at the time you're talking about. May have just taken a while to update the site.