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Oregon Convention Center!

What I Saw Tonight....
FYI-I've been participating tonight at the Oregon Convention Center, headquarters to the Democratic Party of Oregon's Election night 2008, where Barack Obama was announced our new President of the USA. Shook hands with several elected officials in tow. People by the hundreds trickled out into the streets thereafter, waving blue signs and untold numbers of cars honking with a huge media presence.

From there, I then proceeded to Pioneer Courthouse Square, where a night-time rally of a few hundred people gathered to sing "Star Spangled Banner" and chants of "No More Bush", "Yes We Can", and so forth. A fantastic drum played beautifully. A conga line of a few dozen temporarily was formed, with joyous dancing and glee. Again, huge media presence.

At this time, the current atmosphere on the streets is non-violent jubilation. People are crying openly, dancing, smiling and singing. Many couples are kissing and diverse cultures of all creeds included. One can easily sense that change indeed is on the horizon and hope restored for so many. What did others observe?

Now, may we begin the arduous, yet rewarding, healing work of a nation tomorrow, for tonight is pure celebration.

Respectfully Submitted,

Martha Perez
General Political Activist

Star Spangled Banner? 05.Nov.2008 10:33


Why would folks at a celebration of "non-violent jubilation" be singing a tribute to US imperialism and "bombs bursting in air"?

You can not start the healing 05.Nov.2008 15:12

Invisible Woman

You can not start the healing until you stop the wounding.

Invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, plans to invade Phakistan, 'war on drugs' war on the poor, the Bailout!
nuclear energy, 'clean' coal, CAFA, Biden Bankruptcy Bill, no health care, no moratorium on foreclosures, Homegrown Terrorism Act, FISA, AT&T immunity and the war on women: