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Election Night Riot!!!

possibly anti-civ/anti-capitalist demonstrators staged a not-quite-a-riot at 21st and clinton after hearing that obama won.
Around 9:30 tonight a group of 8-14 anarchists took the intersection at SE 21st and Clinton. They were waving a red and black flag, but I sensed some ant-civ sympathies. They shouted "No Borders No State NObama '08" and "Out of their bars and into your streets, for real change vote with your feet!"

Briefly following the Anarchists, I noticed a similarly liberated individual join them, adding their own shouts of "no property!" and "communism now!" to the cries of resistance. This brave soul soon wandered off, leaving the rigidity of the march to find his true individualism.

Wherever they wandered, spreading their message of Real Hope and True Change, the Anarchists were greeted with enthusiastic cheers and car honks of support. I saw them march on, through the slick streets of Southeast. I knew not where they were headed, but wherever it was, there I know the Revolution (and further Inebriation) lies.

Now I'm thinking, perhaps, that these flag-waving hooligans may have a point. The Obama win is definitely exciting, but what exactly is going to change?

Obama '08...

Lots of stuff happening 04.Nov.2008 23:19

another democratic socialist for Obama

Obama won & he may not be as radical as people want, but it IS a step
in the right direction....and there is room for us all.....

Not a riot, I'm happy to say but people out in the streets everywhere....

Over at 37th & Hawthorne a couple hundred people are hooting & hollering
& have fireworks & signs & even a guy on a unicycle playing bagpipes.

The cops came, but people were.....crossing at the light in droves to skip & jump &
high five each other. Fun celebration!

Hmm.. 05.Nov.2008 00:27


"Election night riot" you say? Doesnt sound like much of a riot to me. It is important to call things what they are, as not to create confusion within the movement. Its great that folks were taking to the streets to bring attention to the EARTH SHATTERING realization that the great Obama isnt going to be the liberals wet dream like folks were hoping.

Fuck Obama, FYI.

Does anyone realize... 05.Nov.2008 06:41

krista pixiebrei@yahoo.com

that as long as there is a capitalist in the White House the Earth will continue to be exploited? Civilization is killing the planet, folks! Wake up! They are still building FEMA camps, btw.

~Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you!

Seriously. A bit if knowledge that might change you life. 05.Nov.2008 10:46


Yey, more middle class white kids who moved here from the suburbs carrying all the bagage of too much x-box, too much prescription med.'s, too much angst about their own homogeneity, and a HUGE sense of entitlement. This unfortunately forces their ill adjusted, narcissistic, entitled asses into our communities. Your false sense of radicalism is about as transparent as any attempt by middle class white kids to appropriate a LIFESTYLE, as a means to convince themselves of their uniqueness. I'm sure for many it started with hip hop to punk and now to "radical politics". Notice the LIFESTYLE emphasis, that is why you are false radicals.

There is a really tragic and almost funny self perception of groups of IDENTITY ACTIVISTS like the one that was out in Clinton. Mainly that they don't think we see through all of there hubris, they don't know that most real activists (the ones the challenge themselves and the world), view them as frustrated, angry ill-adjusted, isolated and privileged kids who are approaching radical politics from a place of ego and not from a place of heart.

No Anarchist Revolution is coming! It wouldn't even be desirable given how little real the IDENTITY ACTIVISTS do. The IDENTITY ACTIVISTS do little to nothing to investigate how oppression functions and shapes our lives. There is a totally false belief that if the State were to fall that oppression will cease to exist. NOPE, it will still be here and the consequences of it perhaps worse without the state and the laws we worked for meant to protect more vulnerable groups of people.

Push your learning curve and join the rest of the people with conscience who actually make the sacrifice and put in the effort to make this place as good as it is.

Thanks Andrew 05.Nov.2008 12:49

Get A Grip

I'm so glad that you're calling out these friends of yours that you know so well to be self-centered privileged white people, what a relief that you're finally speaking up about people that seem to be self-promoting and lacking content... Oh wait, maybe that last sentence would be more descriptive of you?

Did it ever occur to you andrew that by sitting at home and typing on indymedia, shit-talking people that are doing nothing harmful and simply venting some steam at the capitalist-status quo in a productive manner, that it is you that appears to be the privileged, unproductive, self-promoting egotist? Well, if it hasn't, perhaps it will now that someone has put it right into your face.

Thanks for being a do nothing elitist andrew, the world sure needs more of your kind.

what a hater 05.Nov.2008 15:01

live from portland it's haterday night

Hey Andrew, what is it that you're working on again that's so great again? If you'll tell us what it is all us icky smelly scary anarchists will make sure never to show up or support it in any way, ever. No problem.

in defense of Andrew 05.Nov.2008 18:37


Andrew's tone was a bit sharp sure, but was there some truth in his comments? of course.

Of course there are many "lifestyle anarchists" out there, as there are also "lifestyle socialists" as well. If your individuality is an overriding part of your politics, you are bound to be a less serious activist. These are facts.

They can be challenges as well. Toss the ego aside. Super Individualism is a great achievement by the ruling class, since without collective action, they will surely continue to dominate us.

"this place as good as it is." 05.Nov.2008 19:52

you're full of privledge

sounds like you got it good. how about the rest?

some truth in what he's saying? 06.Nov.2008 05:16

um no

the truth is not halfway between what A says and what B says and what C says

A and B can be totally full of shit and C can be the only one who's saying anything sensible