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Congratulations, to the 44th President Elect, Barack Obama. An open letter

Here's a short list of issues that will have to be addressed within the next four years. In order to keep our little experiment of "civilization" running.
My hope is that this letter reaches you, in good health, and prosperity.

Your election campaign was well run, and your ability to articulate the thoughts, and allay the fears of the American people are the source of amazement. Now, you have been handed a mandate. This mandate is so much a reversal of the last eight years. He's handed you a country in pain, a country that needs healing. Here is a few things, that I think will make a difference in how we feel as citizens of the United States.

First, Transportation. Our transportation system has made us reliant on oil. It was created/designed in a different time, for the purpose of evacuating cities quickly, in the event of a nuclear attack. It's time for this to change. Even if there was an attack of that nature, our freeway system would quickly clog up completely. it's time to rethink transportation. Here is my solution.

First, build no new freeways. Invest only in electric rail. Build the pieces of this new system in the cities that are losing employment from the automobile industry. Create a four-mode system. Streetcars within cities, interurban lines between regional centers, Ultra-high speed elevated rail between metropolitan areas and efficient cargo, that is also elevated. This sounds like a tall order, but if profiteering was limited to 8%, it's actually a bargain. Even a vehicle buy-back program, to provide steel and aluminum would cut the cost dramatically. With proper implementation, we could be petroleum independent by the end of your second term. Certain people (oil companies) are going to tell everyone that this won't work, but it will. You would be making us the model of efficiency in the world today. Make all urban centers pedestrian/bicycle areas. look up "carfree-cities", for a good reference to how to accomplish this. Use a similar method, that was used to help us out of the great depression. Declare a "war" on our dependence on foreign oil. This would drive up wages, employment, and the economy in general.

Second, Financial justice. Corporations have too much power. Create a corporate death penalty. Corporations that violate the law, should have all shares revoked, and passed to the non-management employees. Corporations that violate the public trust, have no business operating. Shareholders that invest in companies that violate the public trust deserve to lose their investment. This would force investers to take a very close look at companies before investing.

Third, Healthcare. Quite simply, the cost of healthcare hasn't risen much at all. It's the PRICE that has. This is a classic Nash principal. By creating a national health system, and eliminating a dollar amount, the cost of healthcare drops dramatically.

Fourth, End the American hegemony. We are citizens of the planet. GWB had forgotten this. His administration was perfectly accepting in breaking rules that they required others to obey I believe, that part of the healing process, will require unparalleled transparency. Open the records on what's happened the last eight years, and prosecute those responsible, no matter who they are, or who they are affiliated with. It's up to you, to redeem our image, around the world.

This is my short list. I'm not sure if it will reach you, but I just have to put this in words. Again, Congratulations to you, Mister President.