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Rear Gaurd Election Fraud

With Bush's approval rating at 26%, how can John McCain muster 48% of the vote?
 http://www.pollingreport.com/BushJob.htm .

With our vote counting software under proprietary control of Republican corporations, perhaps Obama was allowed to win. A landslide victory for Obama would show how extremely alienated the neocons are from the vast majority of US citizens. Controlled opposition.

The propaganda beat goes on.

Rear Guard 04.Nov.2008 22:15


it's Guard, not Gaurd.

What kind of nonsense... 05.Nov.2008 12:31


You really think that there is such huge enmity between republicans and democrats that one is "stealing" the election, from the other? Or that they are "padding" the votes so to make it look like they aren't loosing so badly?

Let me tell you, the real propaganda is you telling people that there is serious opposition between the two parties. People that believe this whole election theft nonsense are just tools for a machine trying to convince people of stark differences where none exist.